My entry for the JS13kGames Competition for 2014
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JS13KGames - 2014 - Play here


Up - Power jetpack

Left - Turn left

Right - Turn right

Spacebar - Turn 180 degrees


You control a character with a jetpack, in an asteroid field. You have no weapons...except your jetpack, which spouts flames!

You fly around, and destroy asteroids by using your jetpack's flames.

The spacebar control helps people maneuver better.


  • There could be a bunch of powerups, but I haven't thought of any yet.
  • There could be combos to gamify it more


Go here.

Read on. In the sketch, the jetpack man's already in the air, and has turned around, with his jetpack facing the asteroid. Once the asteroid moves closer, or the jetpack's flames move further (by the player hitting up to power the jetpack), the asteroid breaks apart.