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A GPL-licensed virvel server implementation written in erlang. (released/development)

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crumbled - a kekz4 server written in erlang

Crumbled is a kekz4 compatible server, that is supposed to replace the old
java server, and serve as stable platform for further development.
Crumbled is written in erlang/OTP, and uses mnesia as database.

WARNING R13B's eunit is broken (fixed in R13B01), so if you run R13B you'll
either need to patch your eunit (using
or just ignore the failed testsuite.

>>>  *  ./doc		Documentation. Pretty much none written yet.
>>>  A  ./ebin		.beam files (Compiled erlang source). Will be populated if you 'make'.
>>>  *  ./include	.hrl header files.
>>>  *  ./src		Main sourcecode.
>>>  *  ./test       unit test directory
>>>  *  ./test/src   unit test sourcecode
>>>  A  ./test/ebin  unit test binaries, populated automatically.

Crumbled uses eunit, emake and a Makefile. Heres a list on the available commands:

make / make compile / make all - compile all erlang sourcecode into ebin/.
make clean - cleans up the dist tree.
make run - starts a shell with a crumbled instance running in it.
make shell - starts a shell with the ebin/ dir included.
make test - run the tests individually. Not needes, usually.


None yet.


If you just want to get crumbled running fast for a test or debugging session, simply do:

$ make
$ make run

This will start a shell with the name 'console', initialize an empty database in the
current directory and start crumbled.

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