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Amanda's Privacy Policy
Last edited 10/1/2021 at 21:35 UTC-7
This privacy policy may be updated at any time for any reason to continue to meet the needs of Amanda. New policy updates will take
effect immediately after statement updates. Updates regarding the privacy policy will be announced in Amanda's support
server ( If you do not agree with this statement, request data deletion and do not use Amanda
(see one paragraph below.)
Amanda may collect and store data sent to her from Discord permanently and/or temporarily unless a valid request in which
the requester has ownership over data requests said data to be deleted. Whether a User has ownership over data or not
is determined by if a User is making a request regarding their own User/Member data or if they are the owner of a Guild
or are making a request on the data owner's behalf.
Users making requests regarding data must DM PapiOphidian#0110 (User ID: 320067006521147393) on Discord.
Requests regarding data may take up to two weeks to provide a User with or take action against said data.
Data which is collected and stored by Amanda from Discord will be referred to as "cache". Data falling into a category
outside of what is sent via Discord will be referred to as "local data".
Amanda's cache includes but is not limited to Users, Channels, Guilds, User-Guild Membership relationships,
Guild Member voice states, and Roles.
Local data includes but is not limited to Amanda related permission levels and Users which occupy said permission levels,
a User's economy related data, a User's couple data, a Users playlists which are local to Amanda and their
occupant's data, a User's Amanda premium status, and User and Guild settings which Amanda uses.
All cache and local data is stored on first party owned machines in countries which respect data privacy laws which
may or may not be "remote" in relation to Amanda.
The cache serves as a data store for data sent to Amanda from Discord in a
semi-persistent state. This is used to keep as much data as possible out of Amanda's memory to provide more of it to
Amanda to perform operations relating to Amanda's client code base. It's primary function is to hold data Discord sends which is
necessary for a client connected to Discord to operate beyond providing bare minimum actions. Discord does not send a lot of data
on websocket events outside of events relating to when a client reaches a READY state or when a resource is initially created.
Internal uses may vary from specific services Amanda may provide but the primary use case is to check for if Amanda has
sufficient permissions to perform an action against Discord's API.
It is also used to persist data across restarts of Amanda and avoid requesting data from Discord which could be
cached each time Amanda is restarted or needs to access said data. Finally, cached data is used by first party and
third party services (see "REGARDING THIRD PARTY SERVICES" for more info) to measure growth over time and provide
current statistics regarding the state of Amanda.
Local data is stored when users interact with Amanda and make use of services in which Amanda provides. These services
include but are not limited to creating and managing playlists through Amanda, participating in economy related activities,
or configuring Amanda via arbitrary settings Amanda offers.
When providing third party services data, said data is aggregated as to not provide said service with data which can
be used to profile.