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A multipurpose Telegram Bot made with Hydrogram and asynchronous programming.


  • Python 3.10+
  • An Unix-like operating system (Windows support isn't tested. In case you find any issues inside Windows, please file an issue)


  1. Create a virtualenv (This step is optional, but highly recommended to avoid dependency conflicts)
    • python3 -m venv .venv (You don't need to run it again)
    • . .venv/bin/activate (You must run this every time you open the project in a new shell)
  2. Install the required modules with pip3 install -Ue ..
  3. Go to and create a new app.
  4. Create a new file from the file (cp
  5. Place your token, IDs and api keys to your file.


  • To run the bot you just need to run python3 -m eduu. In case you installed from a virtualenv, run . .venv/bin/activate before this.
  • Running it on screen or tmux is highly recommended if you want to keep the bot running on a server.


If you find any bugs/issues with the bot you have three options:

  • Create a new issue in our GitHub describing the issue.
  • Send the /bug command to bot's chat describing the issue.
  • If you know how to fix the issue, fork our repo and open up a pull request.


Translations should be done in our Weblate project, as Weblate checks for grammar issues, provides improved context about the string being translated and so on, thus possibly providing better quality translations. But you can also submit a pull request if you prefer translating that way.

Special thanks

  • @Halokv: Arabic translation
  • @SGANoud: Dutch translation
  • @iiiiii1wepfj: Hebrew translation
  • @HafitzSetya: Indonesian translation
  • @Pato05: Italian translation
  • @Quiec: Russian and Turkish translations
  • And many other people I couldn't list here.

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