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License Codacy Crowdin Black Telegram Channel Telegram Chat

A multipurpose Telegram Bot made with Pyrogram and asynchronous programming.


  • Python 3.6+
  • An Unix-like operating system (Running on Windows isn't 100% supported. In case you find any issues inside Windows, please file an issue)


  1. Create a virtualenv (This step is optional, but highly recommended to avoid dependency conflicts)
    • python3 -m venv .venv (You don't need to run it again)
    • . .venv/bin/activate (You must run this every time you open the project in a new shell)
  2. Install the required modules from the requirements.txt with pip3 install -Ur requirements.txt.
  3. Go to and create a new app.
  4. Create a new file from the file (cp eduu/ eduu/
  5. Place your token, IDs and api keys to your file.


  • To run the bot you just need to run python3 -m eduu. In case you installed from a virtualenv, run . .venv/bin/activate before this.
  • Running it on screen or tmux is highly recommended if you want to keep the bot running on a server.


If you find any bugs/issues with the bot you have three options:

  • Create a new issue in our GitHub describing the issue.
  • Send the /bug command to bot's chat describing the issue.
  • If you know how to fix the issue, fork our repo and open up a pull request.


All translations must be done in our Crowdin project. Direct pull requests will be closed.

We only accept pull requests for source language changes (currently en-GB).

Special thanks

  • @Halokv: Arabic translation
  • @SGANoud: Dutch translation
  • @iiiiii1wepfj: Hebrew translation
  • @HafitzSetya: Indonesian translation
  • @Pato05: Italian translation
  • @Quiec: Russian and Turkish translations
  • And many other people I couldn't list here.

©2022 - AmanoTeam™