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This page is currently under construction

Wâbi is a CC(0) comics I do in my spare time. If you want to help, feel free to contribute (or fork it, or whatever you want). I don't care what you do with the files in this repository, but it's cool if you send me a message.


This repository contains some directories:

  • scenarios: The full story of Wâbi is in this directory. If you want to discover the final story, DO NOT ENTER IN THIS FOLDER.
  • src: All source files of the comics is in this directory. You will see everything I have for each pages. Note: src contains screenshots from non free videos.
  • Wâbi: The final comic is here.


You can contribute by different ways:

  • Translate the comics (I don't know the best way to do that for now)
  • Fix typos. I am not a native speaker, I can do mistakes.
  • Improve the scenario (but not re-write it). Note: if you want to do a whole new story, please create your own repository. I want to do mine.
  • Add colors! Please ask me if you want to do that. A color means something. I already know the main color for each part.
  • Re-draw the whole scenario. We can do the same story several times, with different styles.
  • Note 2: If you want to do the same repository concept, but with a different scenario. Please do your own repo :)


I only want to use free (libre) software. I currently use: