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A hex grid generation tool, for use in unity. Much of the hex logic is drawn from Red Blob Games. I made this because I initially struggled with the implementation so now you don't have to. Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions, I will consider implementing suggestions that I think are generally useful to all users.


Download unity package from releases

In unity Assets > Import Package > Custom Package

Navigate to downloaded file and select it

Create an empty gameObject ctrl+shift+n and add Grid script to it

Generating a Grid in edit mode

Click Generate Grid in the inspector ensuring that relevant settings are selected

Generating a Grid at runtime

Ensure relevant settings are set and call GenerateGrid() on an instance of Grid

public Material hexMaterial; //Assigned in inspector
public Material lineMaterial; //Assigned in inspector

private Grid grid;

private void Start() {
	//Set grid settings
	grid.mapShape = MapShape.Rectangle;
	grid.mapWidth = 5;
	grid.mapHeight = 5;
	grid.hexOrientation = HexOrientation.Flat;
	grid.hexRadius = 1;
	grid.hexMaterial = hexMaterial;
	grid.addColliders = true;
	grid.drawOutlines = true;
	grid.lineMaterial = lineMaterial;

	//Gen Grid

Access tiles at runtime

Call Tiles on an instance of Grid, returns a Dictionary<string, Tile> where the string is constructed from the tile's coordinates.

private Grid grid;

private void Start() {
	var tiles = grid.Tiles;

Grid Settings

  • mapShape determines the overall shape of the map, available options are

    • Rectangle


    • Hexagon


    • Parrallelogram


    • Triangle


  • mapWidth an int, controls the number tiles wide the map is, for hexagonal shape the larger of mapWidth and mapHeight is picked and used as a radius.

  • mapHeight an int, controls the number of tiles high the map is

  • hexOrientation the orientation of the individual hexes, available options are

    • Pointy Pointy
    • Flat Flat
  • hexRadius a float, controls the radius of hex tile meshes, in unity units, measured from the centre of the hex to a corner, all corners are equidistant from the centre

  • hexMaterial a Material, applied to the hex tile meshes, if not specified defaults to unity's diffuse material

  • addColliders a bool, when true grid generation will add a mesh collider to the tiles using the same mesh as the tiles

  • drawOutlines a bool, when true grid generation will add line renderers to the tiles and draw outlines for the meshes

  • lineMaterial a Material, applied to the line renderers for drawing outlines, if you want outlines add the Lines material, included in the package, to the inspector field. Apparently I couldn't load the default Sprites/Default material via code