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FREE Magento 2 Google Map by Amasty

The majority of customers (76%) prefer to check the look and feel of a product or try it on before purchase. Help your customers find you easily, add Magento 2 Google Map to your ‘Contact Us’ page to make sure your customers know where to find your brick-and-mortar store. Customize the map layout and place it on any CMS page. Prove your store exists to win customers’ trust.


  1. Magento 2 Google Map
  2. Extension User Guide
  3. FAQ

Installation Guides & Services

To install our Magento 2 extensions opt for one of the ways:

Magento 2 Google Map key features

  • Add your location on Google Map to your ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Provide full details on your store address to build up customer trust
  • Choose the map type, size and position to provide a good user experience
  • Enable zoom and dragging to help customers locate you easily
  • Add map as a widget to any CMS page
  • Suit any user with this mobile-friendly solution

Magento 2 Google Map improves UX and helps customers reach you easily

Create a user-friendly ‘Contact Us’ page

A ‘Contact Us’ page should provide clear instructions on how a customer can get to the store. Why so? The majority of buyers who search online visit the store in 3 days and about a third of these visits convert. So, will a block filled with plain text about your company attract customers? Most likely it won’t.

On the contrary, a user-friendly interactive map coupled with relevant text works much better for two-thirds of potential customers. So make your ‘Contact Us’ page more visually appealing with the help of a Google map.

Give your address to ensure trust

A ‘Contact Us’ page without a map may raise suspicions. After all, who knows that this street really exists in your city? With Magento 2 Google Maps, this problem goes away. Just insert your store address, and Google will provide the exact latitude and longitude of the building with the use of API key, which matches your address with certain parameters.

image Info

You can also enable map dragging. This way customers can evaluate the distance between your store and their home/ office / etc., or find some landmarks for better orientation. But what to do if your store doesn't have an API key? You can get it yourself.

Get API key yourself

In case you don’t have a Google Map API key, you can generate it relying on this guide and the step-by-step instructions on Google Maps Platform Console. When API key is ready, copy and paste it to the Google API key field in General Settings.

image Info

You can add an API key to your mobile app, website or web server.

However, your work with Google API keys isn’t finished. API key is a powerful identification token. Like any credentials, it provides you with a range of rights and proves to your customers that your store exists. And like with any credentials, you should take some steps to protect it or restrict its use.

Customize the map block: size, design, and position

To customize your map block, open General settings in the backend. Some fields can be filled in automatically (Google API feed) or manually, other (Enable Map Dragging, Enable Map Block Wrapping) offer simple Yes / No choice.

image Info

image Info

Choose Map Type

Google Map for Magento 2 offers 4 possible layout options available in Google Maps:

  • Road
  • Satellite
  • Terrain
  • Hybrid

For each layout, Google Map for Magento 2 supports Street View, a native Google Maps feature. With this feature enabled, your customers will manage to map the route to your store without any difficulty.

Set the optimal map block size

You can configure the block size (width and length) using system values. The module uses the following CSS values: 100 px, 77 pt, 20em, 5ex or simply 50%.

Choose a suitable zoom for the map block

Zoom is a great feature to make your store discoverable. The important point here is to find balance or to zoom just enough to be easily detected. With Google Map for Magento 2, you can use any zoom level you wish. However, the extension cautiously offers to use either System setting or preferred Google zoom level.

Make the map available at any store page

Save your customers some time and the trouble of going to ‘Contact Us’ page any time they need to check your location. Set up a widget on any CMS page. To activate Google map as a widget, you need to use the same settings as in Configuring the map block. Then just click Insert widget button:

image Info

And there we go!

image Info

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