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µRL Shortener

µRL Shortener is a lightweight URL shortener (one file only, the database is a simple file) with really simple statistics support.

Links generated are 6-chars links (chars allowed are [a-z A-Z 0-9], except if personalized). URLs are callable as follow: http://your.shortener/?linkID (or http://your.shortener/linkID if URL rewriting is enabled).

Please note: this is a work in progress.

License: CeCILL v2.


  • Lightweight (one file of 18 KiB, and the database is compressed and weighs about 6 KiB per hundred links).
  • Easy to install (place one file in a directory, allow the script to write inside, that's all).
  • Fast (you will never see http://your.shortener/link when redirecting — except if you have a slow connexion of course).
  • Easy to use (two fields to fill to submit a link, one if you don't want a specific small link).
  • With light stats (number of clics).
  • With memory (if you use the same IP address, you can see the links you posted).
  • Compatible with PHP 5.2+.
  • Work in any browser (IE 7 included! and probably IE 6, too).
  • API included (if you want to create short links automatically, to publish blog posts on Twitter, as example). Doc in the main page of your shortener, or here.


Put the index.php file in a directory on your webserver. That's all.

If you want to enable URL rewriting, use the .htaccess file provided, or equivalent rewrite rules for another web server than Apache.


The only thing you need to save before updating is the salt (or simply the config section at the top of the file). So, to update:

  1. copy the config section somewhere;
  2. replace the index.php file with the new one;
  3. replace the default config with the saved config.


Open the index.php file and follow the instructions written at the top of the file.

	// The title displayed in the home page of the shortener.
	$config['title'] = 'µRL Shortener';
	// IMPORTANT: Set to true if URL rewriting is enabled.
	// This can be changed at any moment without problems.
	// Unrewrited links always works; but obviously, rewrited links works only with URL rewriting
	// enabled in your webserver configuration, regardless to this configuration point.
	$config['rewriteEnabled'] = false;
	// True if the number of links must be displayed.
	$config['countLinks'] = true;
	// True if a list of links must be available.
	$config['listLinks'] = true;
	// True if some light statistics must be displayed (only number of access).
	// Statistics are displayed in the list of the links (if any), and at the URL
	//<linkId>+ .
	$config['stats'] = true;
	// True if an user can delete his own links.
	// The deletion is allowed only if the user has created the link and if he is the only one who had created it.
	$config['allowDeletion'] = true;
	// The file where data is stored.
	// This file must be readable and writable.
	$config['dataFile'] = 'data/data.php';
	// Put here a random value. Example: ask your cat to walk on the keyboard.
	define('SALT', 'Change me!');
	// Do not change this salt after the first use, because change it will remove all associations
	// between links and authors.


µRL Shortener is a lightweight URL shortener (one file only, the database is a simple file) with really simple statistics support.



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