This project uses Ambiarc to display Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) data from at the upcoming Pavilion shopping center in Shanghai.
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QLEAR & Ambiarc Integration

Hosted Demo Link

This project features a map of The Pavillion, an upcoming retail space in Shanghai, China. Using the QLEAR API, real-time indoor air quality data is displayed on the map. You can view the air quality of the entire building, each floor, or specific units.

To run the project locally, add your QLEAR API key to 'config.js'.

Alt text Exterior of the building and overall statistics.

Alt text The floor selector view.

Alt text Viewing the first floor of the Pavilion.

Alt text Inspecting data from a specific sensor location.

Ambiarc Documentation

More info can be found here: AmbiarcSDK Documentation


More info can be found here: What is QLEAR?