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Cabañas RD iOS App

This is the source code for Cabañas RD iOS app, you can get more info about the app here on the app site and the Apple Store.

We are open to improvements, if you like the app and think that there is something missing, or perhaps you want add or improve a feature, you can do it!. We are open to suggestions such as UI/UX,architectural design or whatever thing you think that should be improve.

Pull Request

Make a pull request with your suggestions or new functionality, the project moderators will review and test your code, if everything is ok, they will add your changes to a future release of the official app. The name of the contributors would be published on the app site.

Where I can start?

You can give a look to open issues tab, there you can find new features and bugs reported.

Code Standards

Write code and comments in english.

Become Repository Moderator

If we notice that someone is very active and has remarkable participation in the repo, he/she would receive am offer to become a repository moderator.

Related Repository

Extra Help

If you need help with the repo or you have any question, you can ask to Arturo mejia arturomejiamarmol@gmail.com or Angel Garcia angelrenegarcia13@gmail.com, repository moderators.