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Python Calculator

A calculator that keeps all your previous equations and results visible.



Type your equation into the bottom input field. Do not use an equals (=) sign. Press . Your equation will be appended to the left pane, and the result to the right pane.


This calculator makes use of the python interpreter, so all equations must be formatted as python would expect.

  • plus
  • minus
  • times / divide () parentheses

These are the basic operators. You can use any more advanced operators that python understands.


Each result is automatically assigned a variable name (shown in the middle pane). You can use these variables in any later equation.

Ex: 3 * X12 - X4


Use the and arrows to scroll through the previous equations, so you don't have to type the whole thing out again.


There is special syntax for dice rolls: XdY where X is the number of dice and Y is the number of sides on the dice.

Ex: 3d100 This returns 3 rolls of a 100-sided dice.

If you are rolling dice, XdY must be the entire equation.

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