Samples and documentation for using the AmeriCommerce JavaScript API
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AmeriCommerce Client API Samples

This repository contains examples of how the AmeriCommerce Client API can be used to fetch information about an AmeriCommerce store.

Individual examples are separated into directories under src. These examples make use of jQuery.


adding to cart

This example explores a basic use case of adding an item to the cart, displaying the new count of items in the cart, and clearing the cart.


A more advanced example where we lay out a full cart display and attach events to update quantities and remove items from the cart.

embed tools

Code snippets pulled from the 2012.6 Embed Tools feature.



Generally a variable that represents a jQuery object will be prefixed with a $. This is purely a convenience that allows us to identify these objects at a glance.

Version 2012.6 Compatibility

2012.6 changes the "response.cart" property to "" and standardizes on "" in responses that are not cart-related in nature. As such, you will see the following assignment until 2012.6 has been deployed and is in more widespread use:

var cart = response.cart ||;

That is, it will use cart if it is available, otherwise it will use data. This is safe to use in any version before 2012.6 as well as after.