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Velo - Open source tool for bicycle competition management

This is open source (GPLv3) web application to manage bicycle competitions (incl. applying, paying, start list generation, result showing).

Live website:


System architecture consists of multiple different system that integrate together.


  1. Velo System - Core system what you can see in this repository.
  2. Postgres - System database.
  3. Celery - Task processing system.
  4. NginX - Really powerful webserver.
  5. Let's encrypt - SSL certificates from let's encrypt are used to provide SSL connection with webserver.
  6. E-bill system - Integration with banks is not included in this repository. Instead external system is used to manage credit card payments.
  7. Sendy - is used to send newsletters
  8. MariaDB - doesn't support Postgres, so we have MySQL database for that.
  9. AWS SES - All emails from system and newsletters are sent through AWS SES.
  10. AWS S3 - All backups - live Postgres (wal-e) and static file backups are stored in S3.
  11. Redis - Redis is used for Postgres log temporary storage, Celery queue management and for Velo System cache storage.
  12. Logstash Elasticsearch - Is used for concatenating all logs from postgres, nginx and system.

Development environment setup

System is running in docker environment. So make sure you have latest Docker installed:

Clone repository:

git clone velo

First we need to initialize Postgres database: docker-compose -f dev.yml up postgres

Execute all migration scripts: docker-compose -f dev.yml run django /app/ migrate

Start the application: docker-compose -f dev.yml up

Website now is available in http://localhost:8000.

The default administrator access:

Password: admin


Open source (GPLv3) web application to manage bicycle competitions.




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