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@@ -1,36 +1,34 @@
-{# RML test document}{init}
-This is a line of normal text.{feedD 16}{# feed half a space}
-{# test alignments
-{# test line spacings
-{lineSpace 16}
-{lineSpace 64}
-{b}This text is bold{/b}
-{u 1}underline 1
+{# RML test document}
+{init}{heat 3 240 2}
+{leftSpace 300}300
+{leftSpace 200}200
+{leftSpace 100}100
+{leftSpace 0}0
{u 2}underline 2
-{u 0}
-{image star.png}
-{e H}tall
-{e W}wide
-{e HW}big{e}
-{barcode UPC-A 031901907983}
+{u 1}underline 1
+{u 0}underline 0
+{b}bold text
+{style tall} tall:tall text
+{style big} big:big text
+{style i} i:inverted
+{style ud} ud:upside-down
+{style b} b:bold
+{style strike} strike:"Deleteline Mode"
+{bcLoc 2}{barcode UPC-A 070972120013}
+{bcLoc 1}{bcH 10}{barcode CODE39 HELLOWORLD}
+{bcSpace 100}{bcLoc 0}{bcH 100}{barcode MSI 12345}
-{# more to come}
+{image star.png}
+{image celticKnot.jpeg}

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