An FT2 compatible music tracker - For Amiga platforms (OS3.x, OS4.x, WarpOS, MorphOS, AROS)
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MilkyTracker - Cross-Platform XM Tracker

Notes on cross compiling MilkyTracker for Amiga platforms (AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.x, WarpOS, MorphOS and AROS)

Modify CMakeAmigaToolchain.txt to point to the appropriate toolchain then run: cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=./CMakeAmigaToolchain.txt . && make


To compile for different platforms, use make config=release_platform. Currently available platforms:

  • m68k-amigaos
  • ppc-amigaos
  • ppc-morphos
  • i386-aros

The default is to compile m68k-amigaos.


To build MilkyTracker you will need the appropriate toolchain to build.


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MilkyTracker is an multi-platform music application for creating .MOD and .XM module files. It attempts to recreate the module replay and user experience of the popular DOS program Fasttracker II, with special playback modes available for improved Amiga ProTracker 2/3 compatibility.

Refer to for further details.

Please read the file for installation instructions.

The docs/readme_unix file contains notes specific to the SDL port of MilkyTracker.