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DirectX12GameEngine is a game engine completely written in C# utilizing the Direct3D 12 API for rendering graphics. It supports UWP either rendered directly to the CoreWindow or embedded in XAML with a SwapChainPanel. It also supports Win32 with WinForms. Some stand-out features are a shader generator that generates HLSL shaders out of .NET code, holographic rendering for HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality and an editor made with UWP XAML.

DirectX12GameEngine Editor

Engine Projects

  • DirectX12GameEngine.Assets: Assets classes for importing assets like textures, materials and models.
  • DirectX12GameEngine.Core.Assets: Content manager, serialization of assets.
  • DirectX12GameEngine.Core: Helper classes and extensions.
  • DirectX12GameEngine.Editor: A UWP XAML editor for this game engine to handle scene manipulation and changing properties of components.
  • DirectX12GameEngine.Engine: Main engine project with entity component system.
  • DirectX12GameEngine.Games: Game base class, dependency injection and window handling.
  • DirectX12GameEngine.Graphics: Direct3D 12 abstraction and Mixed Reality.
  • DirectX12GameEngine.Input: Input manager that handles every platform.
  • DirectX12GameEngine.Rendering: Everything rendering and material related including many classes to define your own custom materials and shaders.
  • DirectX12GameEngine.Shaders: A .NET to HLSL compiler and HLSL to DXIL shader bytecode compiler.

Sample Projects

  • DirectX12ComputeShaderSample: Shows how to write compute shaders in C#.
  • DirectX12Game: A simple sample scene containing some models and lights and a camera controller. This a library that gets referenced by the projects below where it is really executed.
  • DirectX12CoreWindowApp: Runs DirectX12Game in a UWP app rendering directly to the CoreWindow.
  • DirectX12XamlApp: Runs DirectX12Game in a UWP app rendering to a SwapChainPanel embedded in a XAML page.
  • DirectX12WinFormsApp: Runs DirectX12Game in a .NET Core 3.0 WinForms app rendering to the Win32 window (HWND).


  • Visual Studio 2019 (with .NET Core preview enabled)
  • Windows 10 SDK, version 1903 (build 10.0.18362.0)
  • Latest .NET Core 3.0 SDK

Most projects are just using .NET Standard 2.0 or sometimes additionaly .NET Core 3.0 with the UWP SDK included through the NuGet package Microsoft.Windows.SDK.Contracts.

Supported Platforms

  • UWP, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or higher (either CoreWindow or XAML)
  • WinForms (WPF also supported with XAML Islands)