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This project is inspired by Facebook's chat application that fetches weather details for the specified location. I wanted to understand how Natural Language Processing (NLP) interprets user input and AI performs some action with it. Initally I started with Natural to process user's input but handling different set of responses became harder. Then i tried a few AI services( , , ). Wit needed some server side configuration as they didn't support none-cors request. required a premium plan, ended up using - Also it was the easiest to set up and get started with. They have some great blog resources too.

What it does

This app is divided into 4 environments :

  • The Maverick environment is responsible to handle different weather requests.

  • Star Wars is a role playing game similar to I tweaked it to support more set of inputs.

  • Cats and Dogs - meow and bark back respectively and they fetch random gifs from giphy.


  • Understanding of React states and top-down dataflow.
  • Separation of logical and presentational components.
  • One state object passed to relevant child components.
  • Brief understanding NLP and AI concepts.

What's next

  • Support more operations.
  • Optimize responses - Dont fetch weather for the second time if we already have it.
  • Support complex AI logic - something with A* algorithm.
  • Better bot responses.