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A2-Metawidget code base

Download file:

1. Either download as zip file, extract it to a folder.
2. Or clone the repo to get the project into local-system.


A2 wiredup with Systemjs.config.js, tsconfig.json & typings.json default configurions which is necessary to run the A2 app. Whereas package.json adds the dependencies to MW-Component. This incubation, can also be configured with valid Webpack config also. This has the basic MW-Pipeline configured can be extended in further releases. App starts from the index.html, can be found in the root folder. Core package contains all necessary metawidget-dependencies(core-js files). We have followed the TypeScript compiler.

Starting the project:

1. Navigate to the .../MW-A2 directory and execute command: npm install
2. Execute the command: npm start , once installation of all the dependencies are done.

NB: Node.js has to be installed to execute the commands.

This will start with the sample FORM being generated. Usage is explaind below:

1. "app.component.ts" is the initiated component.
2. Selector: "<metawidget [(config)]="config" [(model)]="model" ></metawidget>", within the template will call the compiled MetaWidget component.
3. Overriden widgetProcessor can be found from the package "widgetprocessor", auto-compile of modifications on the .ts file will be reflected.
4. pipeline-configuration can be found on the metawidget.component.ts
5. Dynamic component.service #TODO {A2-specific}

Usage in different project:

1. The detatchable components & JS-dependencies are necessary for the MW to work in A2.
2. To test it, create an A2 project with app.component.ts, include the compilable components in app.module.ts

Note: eg:- @NgModule({ imports: [ BrowserModule, FormsModule, HttpModule ], declarations: [ AppComponent, MetawidgetComponent ], providers: [ ], bootstrap: [ AppComponent ] }) with imports:

import { MetawidgetComponent } from './metawidget/metawidget.component';
import { Angular2WidgetProcessor } from './widgetprocessor/angular2-widget-processor.component';

Rest of the configurations can be follwed as it is in app.component.ts.