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Welcome to the FlashySlideshows wiki!

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Flashy Slideshows is a GPL project targeting GNU/Linux , and has a make script for debian/ubuntu distros
Also it is under construction so features are constantly added.
The goal of the project is a user-friendly hardware accelerated slideshow application , with zoom/pan effects , Ken Burns effects , smooth transitions , face/edge detection , fast hardware-accelerated performance , that will look something like PS3 Slideshow.

Also the title “Flashy”-Slideshows has nothing to do with Adobe Flash , the project uses OpenGL , GLUT , OpenCV and WxWidgets as its framework..
Its just flashy so I thought it is a fitting project name :)

Click here to download Source code of project
Click here to view online Source code of project

It should be fairly straight forward to compile it , although I haven`t made a .deb package yet! :)
To start , please read the README file

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