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NoesisGUI Ammy Integration

This library provides solution for integration NoesisGUI v2.0+ with Ammy library. Currently it provides only building feature - it builds .ammy files to XAML files for loading them in NoesisGUI. Building XAML files is implemented at NoesisAmmyBackend project. A sample project based on SharpDX is included (Windows only, Direct3D 11, based on NoesisGUI sample). It demonstrates how to use NoesisAmmyBackend, it will automatically rebuild XAML files when any .ammy file is changed and reload NoesisGUI after that.



  1. Pull submodule AmmyBackend from

  2. Download NoesisGUI v1.3 C# API Windows SDK from NoesisGUI Forums.

  3. Extract it to the folder \NoesisGUI-SDK\. The resulting directory tree should look like this:

  4. Open NoesisAmmyBackend.sln with Visual Studio 2013/2015

  5. Open context menu on NoesisAmmySampleD3D11 project and select Set as StartUp Project.

  6. Press F5 to launch the sample project.

  7. Please note that the sample project uses .ammy files from SampleWPFAmmy/Data folder. It builds them to XAML by using NoesisAmmyBackend project. It uses supporting C# classes for these .ammy files in the NoesisAmmySampleD3D11/Data folder. You could modify .ammy files to reload NoesisGUI with the new XAML data. But you cannot modify C# files while the project is running (so no dynamic recompilation of C# code).

Sample project notes

It uses a very simple and unreliable mechanism of listening to the file system changes to reload NoesisGUI when any .ammy file is modified. It's simply a proof-of-concept and will crash often.


Ammy depends on .NET Framework 4.5. Also it depends on Nemerle and Nitra (both are .NET 4.5 assemblies). It's expected to work properly on Windows, have not tested on other OSes yet but it might work fine under fresh version of Mono.


Pull requests are welcome.


The code provided under MIT License. Please read for details.