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AnkhSVN provides first class Subversion support for all recent Visual Studio versions.


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AnkhSVN - Subversion Support for Visual Studio


  1. Welcome
  2. Documentation References
  3. Participating in the AnkhSVN community

1. Welcome

Thank you or checking out the sourcecode of AnkhSVN. You can always find the last version of this document on

If you have a Subversion client you can get the latest version of the AnkhSVN sourcecode with the command:

$ svn co AnkhSVN

If you have AnkhSVN 2.0 or later installed you can also automatically open the project directly in Visual Studio with AnkhSVN itself

Click: File -> Open -> Subversion Project

And then choose the right Solution (.sln) file below:

In the next dialog choose a location where you wish to store your local working copy and click Ok.

Of course you can also use your favorite git client to access our GitHub repository.

Please read src/BUILD.txt for more information on how to test development versions of AnkhSVN after the checkout completes.

2. Documentation

The development documentation of the AnkhSVN project is available in

src/BUILD.txt         - How to build your own AnkhSVN version
src/CONTRIBUTORS.txt  - List of committers and writers of patches
LICENSE       - The sourcecode license of AnkhSVN

A lot more information about what is going on can be found on

3. Participating in the AnkhSVN community

If you have any questions you can join the AnkhSVN user group on

Talk on IRC with developers:, channel #ankhsvn

Or just use the discussion, issue and pull request support on GitHub