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Build database applications faster than anyone else, and keep your data pollution free as a bonus.
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.github Added reminder about RAP3, for those creating a new issue Dec 9, 2017
AmpersandData Remove comments Jul 18, 2019
ArchitectureAndDesign minor cleanup and releasenotes Jul 3, 2019
app fix exitstates of testing May 31, 2019
miscellaneous Removed depricated stuff Jul 3, 2019
outputTemplates Update pandoc's default templates Mar 11, 2018
testing Remove BOM from encoding Aug 2, 2019
.ghci minor Dec 14, 2018
.gitignore prevent testresults to be versioned Jul 13, 2019
.travis.yml fix deploying Jul 5, 2019
Dockerfile Move to LTS 14.1 aka Haskell 8.6.5 Sep 9, 2019
LICENSE Moved ampersand.cabal, LICENSE, README.txt and Setup.hs to trunk. Oct 13, 2011 Revert "testje voor demo" May 19, 2018 bump version Sep 13, 2019
Setup.hs Bytestring from RIO Jun 2, 2019
composer.json Revert "Remove unused files" Jan 4, 2018
package.yaml bump version Sep 13, 2019
stack.yaml LTS 14.5 Sep 13, 2019
travis_long adding elapsed time on Travis Sep 29, 2016


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The best place to look at if you are new to Ampersand, and you want to install the software, is at our documentation. Anyone can add comments if you read the documentation online. Please do so if there is anything you miss in the documentation.

There is also some documentation for the developers of ampersand.

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