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This is a custom prompt for Cmder (the alternative console emulator for Windows). There's also a PowerShell version of this prompt.
It looks like this:

The prompt has multiple segments:

  • Folder: in blue. Displays the folder name, or full path. Replaces the user's home folder with a tilde (~).
  • npm: in teal. If it detects an npm package, it displays the package name and version number.
  • Git: in green or yellow. If it detects a Git repo, it displays the branch name. A green color is used if no changes are detected. A yellow color is used if changes are found.

In the screenshot, Fira Code font is used.

The look is inspired by Powerline for Vim, and Zsh's theme agnoster.


Download the AnonymousPro font
You'll be able to use any font in Cmder, but this font contains the symbols included in the prompt.


To use another font and still show symbols correctly:

  • Go to Cmder Settings > Main
  • Choose Main console font to be what you prefer
  • Choose Alternative font to be Anonymice Powerline
  • Modify the value of Unicode ranges to add: E0A0; E0B0;
    • for extra symbols set in _powerline_config.lua (like npm logo for node module or git project for smart path resolving) set the Alternative font to one of your choosing. screenshot
    • The Icomoon includes npm and git symbols. You might find nerd-fonts helpful as well.
  • Save Settings


Download the .lua files, and place it in %CMDER_ROOT%/config folder.
Restart Cmder to load the prompt.

Alternatively, if you want to maintain link with the original repo, you can clone this repo into any folder
git clone git-repo-folder-name
then create a symbolic link from the %CMDER_ROOT%/config folder to the .lua file.

cd %CMDER_ROOT%/config  
mklink /H powerline_core.lua <git-repo-folder-name>/powerline_core.lua
mklink /H powerline_prompt.lua <git-repo-folder-name>/powerline_prompt.lua

To add Git prompt, add the Git file

mklink /H powerline_git.lua <git-repo-folder-name>/powerline_git.lua

To add Configurations, create a file named _powerline_config.lua that is a copy of the file _powerline_config.lua.sample

To add symbolic links across drives (from C drive pointing to D drive, for example), use PowerShell instead of mklink.

new-item -path powerline_core.lua -itemtype symboliclink -value <path to repo folder>\cmder-powerline-prompt\powerline_core.lua


Config file is _powerline_config.lua. This file isn't created by default to avoid overwrite on future updates.
A sample config file is included: _powerline_config.lua.sample

See the file _powerline_config.lua.sample for full list and details of configurations.

Helpful info for customizing Cmder


Cmder Source Code and README
What is Clink
Clink Lua API
ANSI Color Sequence

Cmder Configurations

Cmder configurations is stored in %CMDER_ROOT%\config\
You can add files to be loaded during startup in either of these folders
Add a .ps1 file to be loaded for Powershell shells
Add a .bat or .cmd files to be loaded for Windows Command shells
Add a .sh file to be loaded for Bash shells
User-specific configurations should go into files named user-profile with extensions ps1, cmd/bat, or sh.

Clink Prompt

The file %CMDER_ROOT%\vendor\clink.lua sets the command prompt. See the function set_prompt_filter. The prompt value is stored in clink.prompt.value
Drop .lua files into the %CMDER_ROOT%\Config folder to customize the prompt.

Status & Contributions

I published this code because it's not nice to keep it to myself. I fix problems that I encounter, and try to fix problems that others encounter if I have time.
This code is provided with the timeless Works on my Machine guarantee.
You can also check out the pull requests page for contributions that didn't make back into this repo. These are fixes to problems I didn't encounter, or features not useful to me, but maybe useful to you.
Some of these contributions are:

People are very kind and contribute back fixes and improvements.
This section is to acknowledge their contributions and thank them. If you find their contributions helpful to you, please take the time to thank them directly.

I'd like to thank all who share their code with everyone for their time and effort.

Writing an addon

This prompt uses an addon architecture to allow for additional functionality.
powerline_prompt.lua is a good example for how to write an addon. The code is annotated and explains how to write a new addon.
To write a new addon, create a new lua file in %CMDER_ROOT%/config. Start a new tab in Cmder to see the effect of changes.


Custom prompt for Cmder on Windows







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