.NET class library to handle Office365 authentication with ADFS
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.NET class library to handle Office365 authentication with ADFS integrated authentication or MS online username/password.

This was adapted from the project here: https://github.com/jwillmer/SharePointAuthentication

The o365auth project does not have any Silverlight or Windows 8 dependencies

O365Auth project contains classes for doing the authentication and receiving the CookieCollection required for subsequent O365 requests.

O365Auth.Console project contains a console application you may use to run the O365Auth code.

Sample: O365Auth.Console.exe https://MySharePointURL username password false


1 - the URL of your SharePoint site

2 - the username. If you are using ADFS federated authentication this must include "@YourDomain"

3 - the password. If you are using integrated authentication, this parameter is not used

4 - integrated authentication. If true, then this will attempt to authenticate the user currently in context, not based on username/password combination. (username is still required to determine where to authenticate)


  • Adam Amrine
  • Josh Knack