An Android Application that allows you to upload short videos and reverse them on-the-go, and share them with your friends on various social networks!
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Reversify is my answer to the plethora of ad-riddled apps out there that were supposed to do one simple thing, and that's reverse a video. I got interested in this type of video the second I saw it, it felt magical to be transported back in time, backwards.

Things looked more beautiful backwards... writing on paper, water dropping from a distance, birds flying, and even eating (dare you not try that!). Watching video in backwards is a magical art by itself, and I want to simplify it, and thus, 'Reversify' was invented.



0.8 beta


Bugs / Feature Requests

I'm still learning the building blocks of Android and wanted to take this app up as a playground to innovate and learn. This app isn't perfect, I know it very well, but I'd love to make it perfect with your help!
Raise a issue on this repository if you find a bug, and let me know... I'll tackle it ASAP (or at least try to!)

  • Works only for SD Quality Videos (due to phone computation limitations)
  • Doesn't show a finite progress bar, replaced with infitineSpinner for now
  • Doesn't load videos with (spaces) in their path
  • Processing a video takes a lot of time, so find a way to make it run in background

Some of these are easily implementable, but I just don't know how... so if you would like to help me out, please do send me a private message on GitHub and we'll talk :)



Just head over to the Releases tab and grab the latest APK. Once the app takes better form, I'll be sure to put it up on the Google Play Store.

Permissions Required:

  • Read & Write External Storage
    • Allows the application to grab video files and store them on your SD Card or Internal Storage.


Open Source Projects

  • FFmpeg-Android-Java
    • the library that makes all the magic happen, the video library that is capable of reversing the video seamlessly.
  • MillSpinners
    • used to load the fancy spinner animation while processing a video.