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Amrykid commented on issue MahApps/MahApps.Metro#1846

That is something I didn't really take into account when creating the dialogs system. External dialogs are synchronous because they run on their ow…

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@ycaoyang Make sure to add your thumb class to the same directory in the MahApps.Metro.NET45 solution as well.

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I don't think a light VS theme was ever made. It is certainly a task someone could take up for us though.

Amrykid commented on issue MahApps/MahApps.Metro#669

@Kwazzi I would assume something like this: <MetroAnimatedSingleRowTabControl Behaviours:ReloadBehavior.OnSelectedTabChanged="False"> ...

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Looks good. :+1: @flagbug @punker76 ?

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@ClintPearson-KPMG the issue with the MetroNavigationWindow is that the XAML designer in Visual Studio doesn't support loading NavigationWindow sub…

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When I made the CleanWindow style, I set the MinWidth to about 400 to preview the titlebar from overlapping.…