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A Sheldon Cooper Chatbot for Messenger.
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Sheldonisms Messenger Bot

A messenger chatbot that replies with random quotes by Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory.

Click here to chat!

Run this bot for your page

Follow this link :

Environment Variables for heroku

APIAI_CLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN = client access token from
FB_ACCESS_TOKEN = Facebook app access token
PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN = The page access token of your facebook page
VERIFY_TOKEN = The verification token made while making a webhook
DB_URL = The Database URL from Heroku Postgres Database credentials

Note: For token, you need to sign up on After that, note down your access token. In order to load and edit the agent that Sheldonisms uses, you need to import to your console on Apiai.

Sheldonisms is participating in Kharagpur Winter of Code 2016. Join this Facebook group to ask doubts and discuss.

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