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Amulet Map Editor

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A new Minecraft world editor and converter that supports all versions since Java 1.12 and Bedrock 1.7.


Running compiled builds

Download the zip file for your operating system from the list of compiled builds. (Currently Windows only)

Extract the contained folder to a location on your computer and run the executable.

Running from Source

If you are running a compiled build you do NOT need to do this.

  1. Install Python 3.7+
  2. We recommend setting up a python virtual environment so you don't run into issues with dependency conflicts.
  3. run python -m pip install amulet-map-editor to install the library and all its dependencies.
  4. run python -m amulet_map_editor to run the program


If you have python 2 installed python may point to the wrong version in which case you will have to swap out python for python3

When installing from source the following dependencies will be installed

  • numpy
  • wxpython
  • pyopengl
  • Amulet-Core The library to handle loading and saving data to the world formats.
  • Amulet-NBT The library to handle reading and saving NBT and SNBT.
  • PyMCTranslate The library to handle block, block entity, entity and biome translation. between versions
  • Minecraft-Model-Reader The library to handle loading block models and textures from a resource pack for use in the renderer.


For information about contributing to this project, please read the contribution file.