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React Workshop for building knowledge past basic concepts
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React 🎓

React Basics:

1) Learn ES6

Introduction to ES6 blog:
ES6 Video Series:

2) The official intro to React Tutorial:

3) ReactJS Crash Course Video:

4) Fundamentals of React Medium Article:

5) React application code along video series:

These videos also teaches you how to use Firebase. You don't really need to know how to use Firebase, the video is mostly good for coding along and building a small React application.

5) How to fetch data from API in React

Only read up to 'How to fetch data with Axios in React'

6) Make a Weather App Exercise

React: Beyond the basics Topics

updated lifecycles in React v16

React Router v4

React Router v4


Dan Abramov's "Getting Started with Redux"

Dan Abramov's "Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux"

Tips to learn React + Redux in 2018

Static typing with Flow

Getting Started with React + Flow

Unit Tests

Official Test Utilities Docs

Official Shallow Rendered Utility Docs

Official Test Renderer Utility Docs

Testing React Apps with Jest

Enzyme - A JavaScript Testing utility for React that makes it easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React Components' output.


Official Portals Docs


Official Fragments Docs

Render Props

Official Render Props Docs


Official Context Docs

Commented Example on how to use context to translate content

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