An extensible and concurrency pentest framework in Go, also with WebGUI. Feel free to CONTRIBUTE!
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Rawsec's CyberSecurity Inventory MIT License


AssassinGo is an extensible and concurrency information gathering and vulnerability scanning framework, with WebSocket based Web GUI.

Just for learn, welcome PR.


  • Retrieve Security Headers
  • Bypass CloudFlare
  • Detect CMS Version
  • Honeypot Detect
  • Port Scan
  • Trace Route and Mark on Google Map
  • Subdomain Scan
  • Dir Scan and Site Map
  • Whois Lookup
  • Crawl the Paramed URLs
  • Basic SQLi Check
  • Basic XSS Check
  • Intruder
  • SSH Bruter
  • Google-Hacking with Headless-Chrome
  • Friendly PoC Interface
  • Web GUI(using WebSocket)
  • Generate Report



git clone
cd AssassinGo
docker-compose up --build -d
cat backup.sql | docker exec -i assassingo_mariadb_1 /usr/bin/mysql -uag --password=password ag

Then visit and login as admin:admin


If you want to deploy on your VPS, please clone the Frontend and modify the base_url of AJAX and WebSocket, then run npm run build and copy the output to web/ directory as says.

Remember to add your google-map key in index.html.








Outline Design

I choose Composite Pattern to increase expansibility.




Path Method Func Params Return
/token POST sign in username=admin&password=adminn {SG_Token:"eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJleHAiOjE1M…W4ifQ.qY-k5f54CrQ6_dNdjgQgqjh5xS8iFZOjTLcfMfirY0w" (stored in cookie)}
/api/target POST set a target target=xxx OR targets=t1,t2... nil
/api/info/basic GET get ip and retrieve security headers nil {data:{"ip": "", "webserver": "nginx","click_jacking_protection":true,"content_security_policy":false,"strict_transport_security":false,"x_content_type_options":true}
/api/info/bypasscf GET find real ip behind cloudflare nil {"real_ip":""}
/api/info/cms GET detect cms nil {data:{"cms": "wordpress"}}
/api/info/honeypot GET get ip and webserver nil {data:{"score": "0.3"}}
/api/info/whois GET whois nil {data:{"domain":"","registrar_name":"alibaba", "admin_name":"xiaoming", "admin_email":"", "admin_phone":"+86.12312345678", "created_date":"2016-07-28T12:57:53.0Z","expiration_date":"2018-07-28T12:57:53.0Z", "ns":"", "state":"clienttransferprohibited"}}
/api/poc GET get poc list nil {data:{"poc_list":["drupal-rce":{"id":"CVE-2017-7602","ty## pe":"remote code execution","text":"biubiubiu","platform## ":"php","data":"2018-04-25",## "reference":" bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2018-7602"},"seacms-v654-rce"]## }}
/api/poc/:poc GET run the specified poc nil {data:{"host": "", "exploitable":"true"}}


Path Func Params Return
/ws/info/port port scan nil {"port": "80", "service": "http"}
/ws/info/tracert trace route and mark on google map nil {"ttl": 1, "addr":, "elapsed_time": 22720440, "country": China, "lat": 34.2583,"long": 116.1614}
/ws/info/subdomain enmu subdomain nil {"subdomain":""}
/ws/info/dirb brute force dir {"concurrency":20, "dict":"php"}; {"stop":1} {"path": "admin.php", "resp_status": 200, "resp_len": 110}
/ws/attack/crawl crawl paramed urls {"max_depth": 4} {"url": ""}
/ws/attack/sqli check sqli nil {"sqli_url": "}
/ws/attack/xss check xss nil {"xss_url": "}
/ws/attack/intrude brute force {"header": "GET / HTTP/1.1 ...", "payload": "p1,p2...", "concurrency": "10"}; {"stop":1} {"payload": 1, "resp_status": 200, "resp_len": 110}
/ws/attack/ssh brute force ssh {"port":"22",, "concurrency":40} {"user":"root","passwd":"biubiubiu"}
/ws/seek seek targets {"query": "biu", "se": "bing/google", "max_page": 10} {"urls": urls}
/ws/poc/:poc run poc {concurrency:10} {"exploitable_host": ""}