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A FreeBSD port for tensor flow.
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A FreeBSD port for tensor flow.

The package now builds and works but the Makefiles and patches now need to be cleaned up.


This is a current work in progress and still some issues which need to be addressed

  • Fix the final linking error.

  • Replace some patch with sed commands in Makefile

  • Modify the build system to stop building external componants.

  • Add options to set cpu optimisation.

  • Experiment with OpenCL and SYSCL.

  • Enable MKL-DNN support for intel machines.

  • Split the package into python and C framework or rename to just keep as one called tensorflow.


FreeBSD versions which it has successfully built on:

  • FreeBSD 12.0
  • FreeBSD 11.3
  • FreeBSD 11.2
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