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Photo watermark/resize script
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Photo watermark/resize script

Script to batch add a SVG watermark to and/or resize JPG files.


  1. Copy the script and watermark.svg file in a local folder,
  2. (optional) Add to your $PATH environment variable to simplify usage.
  3. Edit or replace watermark.svg with your watermark*,
  4. Run script from the directory of the photos you want to process with the desired flags.

*Make sure to resize the svg to fit content (File > Document properties in Inkscape)


-s  Size of output image (<width>x<height>, <width>x, <height>y)
-w  SVG file to use as watermark
-a  Text to append to processed file names
-o  Output path of processed files (default='watermarker/')
-h  Shows this usage description
-x  Shows some usage examples


$ ./ -w my_watermark.svg -s 1080y -o ~/path_to_output/
$ ./ -w my_watermark.svg -o ~/path_to_output/
$ ./ -w my_watermark.svg -a "_watermarked"
$ ./ -s 1080x -o -a "_x1080" ~/path_to_output/
$ ./ -s 1080x1920


The shell script uses the following command line tools: convert and composite (ImageMagick), getopts.

Final words

If you find this useful or even adapt the script for other things you can show some love by starring this repo.

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