Turn's BitTorrent Java library (tracker and client) plus few missing features: use torrent announce list, downloads > 2GB, UDP trackers, DHT protocol.
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JDownloader plugin


Changes in relation to the original version

- connects to all trackers from torrent file,
- connects to UDP trackers,
- allows to download files > 2GB,
- binds to all interfaces instead of localhost,
- connects to DHT peers.

- look at the uTorrent communication,
- secure connections. 

A Java implementation of the BitTorrent protocol

This is a pure-Java implementation of the BitTorrent protocol, providing a
BitTorrent tracker, a BitTorrent client and the related Torrent metainfo files
creation and parsing capabilities. It is designed to be embedded into larger

This tool suite was implemented as part of Turn's (http://www.turn.com) release
distribution and deployment system and is used to distribute new build tarballs
to a large number of machines inside a datacenter as efficiently as possible.
At the time this project was started, few Java implementations of the
BitTorrent protocol existed and unfortunately none of them fit our needs:

* Vuze's, which is very hard to extract from their codebase, and thus complex
to re-integrate into another application;
* torrent4j, which is largely incomplete and not usable;
* Snark's, which is old, and unfortunately unstable;
* bitext, which was also unfortunately unstable, and extremely slow.

This implementation aims at providing a down-to-earth, simple to use library.
No fancy protocol extensions are implemented here: just the basics that allows
for the exchange and distribution of files through the BitTorrent protocol.

Although the write performance of the BitTorrent client is currently quite poor
(~10MB/sec/connected peer), it has been measured that the distribution of a
150MB file to thousands of machines across several datacenters took no more
than 30 seconds, with very little network overhead for the initial seeder (only
125% of the original file size uploaded by the initial seeder).


This BitTorrent library is distributed under the terms of the Apache Software
License version 2.0. See COPYING file for more details.


* Maxime Petazzoni <mpetazzoni@turn.com> (Platform Engineer at Turn, Inc)
  - Original author and maintainer
* David Giffin <david@etsy.com>
  - Contributed parallel hashing and multi-file torrent support
* Thomas Zink <thomas.zink@uni-konstanz.de>
  - Fixed a piece length computation issue when the total torrent size is an
    exact multiple of the piece size.


* Client write performance is a bit poor, mainly due to a (too?) simple piece
  caching algorithm.
* End-game can be slow if the peer selected to retrieve the last piece from
  doesn't upload fast enough (or at all). An end-game scenario should be

Contributions are welcome in all areas, even more so for these few points