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cLODg code has now been moved to cLODg2 repository. Follow cLODg2 for code updates.

cLODg - conference Linked Open Data generator

cLODg implements a methodology to produce Linked Data to describe a scientific conference and its publications, participants and events. To generate conference metadata we assume that you have initial data available (with some specific format). We then use use D2R conversion rules to produce metadata described with Conference Ontology. While we are in the process of creating a single-click process, we describe here the current workflow to follow.

The workflow consists of:

  1. Data acquisition
  2. Data conversion
  3. Data augmentation and verification
  4. Linked Data Publication

Data acquisition

We currently accept data in the following formats:

Data conversion

We generate data according to the Conference Ontology. The Conference Ontology is aligned to a set of other ontologies/vocabularies that allows interoperability with other linked datasets. Additionally, the Conference Ontology is aligned to the Semantic Web Conference Ontology for backward compatibility with the Semantic Web Dog Food dataset.

For csv data, the current workflow requires the manual import into a MySQL database. Then it is possible to generate Conference Ontology data via D2R conversion rules.

This is done by specifying the database to use via property file and using the LDGenerator.

Nevertheless, we are in the process of replacing MySQL with HSQLDB to support a fully integrated Java process (to facilitate data creation for the end user as a single process with cLODg). Code for this will be published ASAP.

Data augmentation and verification

We implemented a Web based application to collect user feedback. This is an optional step that a conference can implement to send generated metadata (in a user-friendly format) to people involved and ask them to verify them.

Linked Data Publication


This repository implements the workflow to generate conference metadata, compliant with ontology.







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