Android app to collect data to be analyzed for medical purposes.
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Android app to collect medical data

Android app to collect data to be analyzed for medical purposes. Its development was started as part of a final degree project at UCM which can be found here: System to predict bipolar disorder crises analysing massive data by Ana María Martínez. This mobile app is being used in the project Bip4cast, in which data of patients from the San Juan de Dios hospital is being collected with the objective of improving the treatment of the bipolar disorder whose crises that can be avoided through early prediction.

Bip4cast.apk can be used to install the last stable version of the app in your Android device. In case that you want to set the project you should read the HOW TO guide. Screenshots of the application in a device with Android 6.0.1 can be seen in screenshots and screenshots_ES. Also, a video of the app in the same device can be seen in the following link:

Main screen

Daily test

Android Studio is being used to develop the app. The Android Developers guide was used for writting the code.


The folder prototype_ES contains images of a prototype of the app done with JUSTINMIND. Also, two prototype videos of how the app will work can be se#en here: Daily use and Registration. Take into account that the prototype was done at the beginning of the development of the app and there are some differences between the app and the prototype as some changes has been introduced.

Main screen - prototype

Daily test - prototype


Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher.

Code Style

This project adhere to the official Android Code Style Guidelines.


The development of this project was started by Ana María Martínez Gómez and you can see all contributors here: contributors. Nobody is reviewing pull requests at the moment, but in case that you want to develop this project by yourself you can read the HOW TO guide.


Code published under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3 (see LICENSE).