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Change Log

Beta Releases

b25 - 2014-02-03

  • Breaking changes:
    • The Viewer constructor argument options.fullscreenElement now matches the FullscreenButton default of document.body, it was previously the Viewer container itself.
    • The Asphalt, Blob, Brick, Cement, Erosion, Facet, Grass, TieDye, and Wood materials have been removed. See the Cesium Materials Plugin for details.
  • Fixed problems that caused the globe to not be rendered in the current Canary version of Google Chrome.
  • Added ScreenSpaceCameraController.enableInputs to fix issue with inputs not being restored after overlapping camera flights.
  • Added Quaternion.fastSlerp and Quaternion.fastSquad.
  • Viewer now monitors the clock settings of the first added DataSource for changes, and also now has a constructor option automaticallyTrackFirstDataSourceClock which will turn off this behavior.
  • TileMapServiceImageryProvider can now handle casing differences in tilemapresource.xml.
  • Fix picking in 2D with rotated map. #1337
  • The DynamicObjectCollection created by CzmlDataSource now sends a single collectionChanged event after CZML is loaded; previously it was sending an event every time an object was created or removed during the load process.

b24 - 2014-01-06

  • Breaking changes:

    • Added allowTextureFilterAnisotropic (default: true) and failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat (default: true) properties to the contextOptions property passed to Viewer, CesiumWidget, and Scene constructors and moved the existing properties to a new webgl sub-property. For example, code that looked like:

       var viewer = new Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
           contextOptions : {
             alpha : true

      should now look like:

         var viewer = new Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
             contextOptions : {
               webgl : {
                 alpha : true
    • The read-only Cartesian3 objects must now be cloned to camera properties instead of assigned. For example, code that looked like:

      camera.up = Cartesian3.UNIT_Z;

      should now look like:

        Cartesian3.clone(Cartesian3.UNIT_Z, camera.up);
    • The CSS files for individual widgets, e.g. BaseLayerPicker.css, no longer import other CSS files. Most applications should import widgets.css (and optionally lighter.css).

    • SvgPath has been replaced by a Knockout binding: cesiumSvgPath.
    • DynamicObject.availability is now a TimeIntervalCollection instead of a TimeInterval.
    • Removed prototype version of BoundingSphere.transform
    • Matrix4.multiplyByPoint now returns a Cartesian3 instead of a Cartesian4
  • The minified, combined Cesium.js file now omits certain DeveloperError checks, to increase performance and reduce file size. When developing your application, we recommend using the unminified version locally for early error detection, then deploying the minified version to production.
  • Fixed disabling CentralBody.enableLighting.
  • Fixed Geocoder flights when following an object.
  • The Viewer widget now clears Geocoder input when the user clicks the home button.
  • The Geocoder input type has been changed to search, which improves usability (particularly on mobile devices). There were also some other minor styling improvements.
  • Added CentralBody.maximumScreenSpaceError.
  • Added translateEventTypes, zoomEventTypes, rotateEventTypes, tiltEventTypes, and lookEventTypes properties to ScreenSpaceCameraController to change the default mouse inputs.
  • Added Billboard.setPixelOffsetScaleByDistance, Label.setPixelOffsetScaleByDistance, DynamicBillboard.pixelOffsetScaleByDistance, and DynamicLabel.pixelOffsetScaleByDistance to control minimum/maximum pixelOffset scaling based on camera distance.
  • Added BoundingSphere.transformsWithoutScale
  • Added fromArray function to Matrix2, Matrix3 and Matrix4
  • Added Matrix4.multiplyTransformation, Matrix4.multiplyByPointAsVector

b23 - 2013-12-02

  • Breaking changes:

    • Changed the CatmulRomSpline and HermiteSpline constructors from taking an array of structures to a structure of arrays. For example, code that looked like:

       var controlPoints = [
           { point: new Cartesian3(1235398.0, -4810983.0, 4146266.0), time: 0.0},
           { point: new Cartesian3(1372574.0, -5345182.0, 4606657.0), time: 1.5},
           { point: new Cartesian3(-757983.0, -5542796.0, 4514323.0), time: 3.0},
           { point: new Cartesian3(-2821260.0, -5248423.0, 4021290.0), time: 4.5},
           { point: new Cartesian3(-2539788.0, -4724797.0, 3620093.0), time: 6.0}
       var spline = new HermiteSpline(controlPoints);

      should now look like:

         var spline = new HermiteSpline({
             times : [ 0.0, 1.5, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0 ],
             points : [
                 new Cartesian3(1235398.0, -4810983.0, 4146266.0),
                 new Cartesian3(1372574.0, -5345182.0, 4606657.0),
                 new Cartesian3(-757983.0, -5542796.0, 4514323.0),
                 new Cartesian3(-2821260.0, -5248423.0, 4021290.0),
                 new Cartesian3(-2539788.0, -4724797.0, 3620093.0)
    • loadWithXhr now takes an options object, and allows specifying HTTP method and data to send with the request.
    • Renamed SceneTransitioner.onTransitionStart to SceneTransitioner.transitionStart.
    • Renamed SceneTransitioner.onTransitionComplete to SceneTransitioner.transitionComplete.
    • Renamed CesiumWidget.onRenderLoopError to CesiumWidget.renderLoopError.
    • Renamed SceneModePickerViewModel.onTransitionStart to SceneModePickerViewModel.transitionStart.
    • Renamed Viewer.onRenderLoopError to Viewer.renderLoopError.
    • Renamed Viewer.onDropError to Viewer.dropError.
    • Renamed CesiumViewer.onDropError to CesiumViewer.dropError.
    • Renamed viewerDragDropMixin.onDropError to viewerDragDropMixin.dropError.
    • Renamed viewerDynamicObjectMixin.onObjectTracked to viewerDynamicObjectMixin.objectTracked.
    • PixelFormat, PrimitiveType, IndexDatatype, TextureWrap, TextureMinificationFilter, and TextureMagnificationFilter properties are now JavaScript numbers, not Enumeration instances.
    • Replaced sizeInBytes properties on IndexDatatype with IndexDatatype.getSizeInBytes.
  • Added perPositionHeight option to PolygonGeometry and PolygonOutlineGeometry.
  • Added QuaternionSpline and LinearSpline.
  • Added Quaternion.log, Quaternion.exp, Quaternion.innerQuadrangle, and Quaternion.squad.
  • Added Matrix3.inverse and Matrix3.determinant.
  • Added ObjectOrientedBoundingBox.
  • Added Ellipsoid.transformPositionFromScaledSpace.
  • Added Math.nextPowerOfTwo.
  • Renamed our main website from to

b22 - 2013-11-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Reversed the rotation direction of Matrix3.fromQuaternion to be consistent with graphics conventions. Mirrored change in Quaternion.fromRotationMatrix.
    • The following prototype functions were removed:
      • From Matrix2, Matrix3, and Matrix4: toArray, getColumn, setColumn, getRow, setRow, multiply, multiplyByVector, multiplyByScalar, negate, and transpose.
      • From Matrix4: getTranslation, getRotation, inverse, inverseTransformation, multiplyByTranslation, multiplyByUniformScale, multiplyByPoint. For example, code that previously looked like matrix.toArray(); should now look like Matrix3.toArray(matrix);.
    • Replaced DynamicPolyline color, outlineColor, and outlineWidth properties with a single material property.
    • Renamed DynamicBillboard.nearFarScalar to DynamicBillboard.scaleByDistance.
    • All data sources must now implement DataSource.getName, which returns a user-readable name for the data source.
    • CZML document objects are no longer added to the DynamicObjectCollection created by CzmlDataSource. Use the CzmlDataSource interface to access the data instead.
    • TimeInterval.equals, and TimeInterval.equalsEpsilon now compare interval data as well.
    • All SVG files were deleted from Widgets/Images and replaced by a new SvgPath class.
    • The toolbar widgets (Home, SceneMode, BaseLayerPicker) and the fullscreen button now depend on CesiumWidget.css for global Cesium button styles.
    • The toolbar widgets expect their container to be the toolbar itself now, no need for separate containers for each widget on the bar.
    • Property implementations are now required to implement a prototype equals function.
    • ConstantProperty and TimeIntervalCollectionProperty no longer take a clone function and instead require objects to implement prototype clone and equals functions.
    • The SkyBox constructor now takes an options argument with a sources property, instead of directly taking sources.
    • Replaced SkyBox.getSources with SkyBox.sources.
    • The bearing property of DynamicEllipse is now called rotation.
    • CZML ellipse.bearing property is now ellipse.rotation
  • Added a Geocoder widget that allows users to enter an address or the name of a landmark and zoom to that location. It is enabled by default in applications that use the Viewer widget.
  • Added GoogleEarthImageryProvider.
  • Added Moon for drawing the moon, and IauOrientationAxes for computing the Moon's orientation.
  • Added Material.translucent property. Set this property or Appearance.translucent for correct rendering order. Translucent geometries are rendered after opaque geometries.
  • Added enableLighting, lightingFadeOutDistance, and lightingFadeInDistance properties to CentralBody to configure lighting.
  • Added Billboard.setTranslucencyByDistance, Label.setTranslucencyByDistance, DynamicBillboard.translucencyByDistance, and DynamicLabel.translucencyByDistance to control minimum/maximum translucency based on camera distance.
  • Added PolylineVolumeGeometry and PolylineVolumeGeometryOutline.
  • Added Shapes.compute2DCircle.
  • Added Appearances tab to Sandcastle with an example for each geometry appearance.
  • Added Scene.drillPick to return list of objects each containing 1 primitive at a screen space position.
  • Added PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty for use with DynamicPolyline.material.
  • Added the ability to use Array and JulianDate objects as custom CZML properties.
  • Added and corresponding CZML support. This is a non-unique, user-readable name for the object.
  • Added DynamicObject.parent and corresponding CZML support. This allows for DataSource objects to present data hierarchically.
  • Added DynamicPoint.scaleByDistance to control minimum/maximum point size based on distance from the camera.
  • The toolbar widgets (Home, SceneMode, BaseLayerPicker) and the fullscreen button can now be styled directly with user-supplied CSS.
  • Added skyBox to the CesiumWidget and Viewer constructors for changing the default stars.
  • Added Matrix4.fromTranslationQuaternionRotationScale and Matrix4.multiplyByScale.
  • Added Matrix3.getEigenDecomposition.
  • Added utility function getFilenameFromUri, which given a URI with or without query parameters, returns the last segment of the URL.
  • Added prototype versions of equals and equalsEpsilon method back to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, Cartesian4, and Quaternion.
  • Added prototype equals function to NearFarScalar, and TimeIntervalCollection.
  • Added
  • Added Primitive.allowPicking to save memory when picking is not needed.
  • Added debugShowBoundingVolume, for debugging primitive rendering, to Primitive, Polygon, ExtentPrimitive, EllipsoidPrimitive, BillboardCollection, LabelCollection, and PolylineCollection.
  • Added DebugModelMatrixPrimitive for debugging primitive's modelMatrix.
  • Added options argument to the EllipsoidPrimitive constructor.
  • Upgraded Knockout from version 2.3.0 to 3.0.0.
  • Upgraded RequireJS to version 2.1.9, and Almond to 0.2.6.
  • Added a user-defined id to all primitives for use with picking. For example:

        primitives.add(new Polygon({
            id : {
                // User-defined object returned by Scene.pick
            // ...
        // ...
        var p = scene.pick(/* ... */);
        if (defined(p) && defined( {
           // Use properties and functions in

b21 - 2013-10-01

  • Breaking changes:

    • Cesium now prints a reminder to the console if your application uses Bing Maps imagery and you do not supply a Bing Maps key for your application. This is a reminder that you should create a Bing Maps key for your application as soon as possible and prior to deployment. You can generate a Bing Maps key by visiting Set the BingMapsApi.defaultKey property to the value of your application's key before constructing the CesiumWidget or any other types that use the Bing Maps API.

      BingMapsApi.defaultKey = '';
    • Scene.pick now returns an object with a primitive property, not the primitive itself. For example, code that looked like:

      var primitive = scene.pick(/* ... */);
      if (defined(primitive)) {
         // Use primitive

      should now look like:

        var p = scene.pick(/* ... */);
        if (defined(p) && defined(p.primitive)) {
           // Use p.primitive
    • Removed getViewMatrix, getInverseViewMatrix, getInverseTransform, getPositionWC, getDirectionWC, getUpWC and getRightWC from Camera. Instead, use the viewMatrix, inverseViewMatrix, inverseTransform, positionWC, directionWC, upWC, and rightWC properties.

    • Removed getProjectionMatrix and getInfiniteProjectionMatrix from PerspectiveFrustum, PerspectiveOffCenterFrustum and OrthographicFrustum. Instead, use the projectionMatrix and infiniteProjectionMatrix properties.
    • The following prototype functions were removed:

      • From Quaternion: conjugate, magnitudeSquared, magnitude, normalize, inverse, add, subtract, negate, dot, multiply, multiplyByScalar, divideByScalar, getAxis, getAngle, lerp, slerp, equals, equalsEpsilon
      • From Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4: getMaximumComponent, getMinimumComponent, magnitudeSquared, magnitude, normalize, dot, multiplyComponents, add, subtract, multiplyByScalar, divideByScalar, negate, abs, lerp, angleBetween, mostOrthogonalAxis, equals, and equalsEpsilon.
      • From Cartesian3: cross

      Code that previously looked like quaternion.magnitude(); should now look like Quaternion.magnitude(quaternion);.

    • DynamicObjectCollection and CompositeDynamicObjectCollection have been largely re-written, see the documentation for complete details. Highlights include:
      • getObject has been renamed getById
      • removeObject has been renamed removeById
      • collectionChanged event added for notification of objects being added or removed.
    • DynamicScene graphics object (DynamicBillboard, etc...) have had their static mergeProperties and clean functions removed.
    • UniformState.update now takes a context as its first parameter.
    • Camera constructor now takes a context instead of a canvas.
    • SceneTransforms.clipToWindowCoordinates now takes a context instead of a canvas.
    • Removed canvasDimensions from FrameState.
    • Removed context option from Material constructor and parameter from Material.fromType.
    • Renamed TextureWrap.CLAMP to TextureWrap.CLAMP_TO_EDGE.
  • Added Geometries tab to Sandcastle with an example for each geometry type.
  • Added CorridorOutlineGeometry.
  • Added PolylineGeometry, PolylineColorAppearance, and PolylineMaterialAppearance.
  • Added colors option to SimplePolylineGeometry for per vertex or per segment colors.
  • Added proper support for browser zoom.
  • Added propertyChanged event to DynamicScene graphics objects for receiving change notifications.
  • Added prototype clone and merge functions to DynamicScene graphics objects.
  • Added width, height, and nearFarScalar properties to DynamicBillboard for controlling the image size.
  • Added heading and tilt properties to CameraController.
  • Added Scene.sunBloom to enable/disable the bloom filter on the sun. The bloom filter should be disabled for better frame rates on mobile devices.
  • Added getDrawingBufferWidth and getDrawingBufferHeight to Context.
  • Added new built-in GLSL functions czm_getLambertDiffuse and czm_getSpecular.
  • Added support for EXT_frag_depth.
  • Improved graphics performance.
    • An Everest terrain view went from 135-140 to over 150 frames per second.
    • Rendering over a thousand polylines in the same collection with different materials went from 20 to 40 frames per second.
  • Improved runtime generation of GLSL shaders.
  • Made sun size accurate.
  • Fixed bug in triangulation that fails on complex polygons. Instead, it makes a best effort to render what it can. #1121
  • Fixed geometries not closing completely. #1093
  • Fixed EllipsoidTangentPlane.projectPointOntoPlane for tangent planes on an ellipsoid other than the unit sphere.
  • CompositePrimitive.add now returns the added primitive. This allows us to write more concise code.

    var p = new Primitive(/* ... */);
    return p;


      return primitives.add(new Primitive(/* ... */));

b20 - 2013-09-03

This releases fixes 2D and other issues with Chrome 29.0.1547.57 (#1002 and #1047).

  • Breaking changes:

    • The CameraFlightPath functions createAnimation, createAnimationCartographic, and createAnimationExtent now take scene as their first parameter instead of frameState.
    • Completely refactored the DynamicScene property system to vastly improve the API. See #1080 for complete details.
      • Removed CzmlBoolean, CzmlCartesian2, CzmlCartesian3, CzmlColor, CzmlDefaults, CzmlDirection, CzmlHorizontalOrigin, CzmlImage, CzmlLabelStyle, CzmlNumber, CzmlPosition, CzmlString, CzmlUnitCartesian3, CzmlUnitQuaternion, CzmlUnitSpherical, and CzmlVerticalOrigin since they are no longer needed.
      • Removed DynamicProperty, DynamicMaterialProperty, DynamicDirectionsProperty, and DynamicVertexPositionsProperty; replacing them with an all new system of properties.
        • Property - base interface for all properties.
        • CompositeProperty - a property composed of other properties.
        • ConstantProperty - a property whose value never changes.
        • SampledProperty - a property whose value is interpolated from a set of samples.
        • TimeIntervalCollectionProperty - a property whose value changes based on time interval.
        • MaterialProperty - base interface for all material properties.
        • CompositeMaterialProperty - a CompositeProperty for materials.
        • ColorMaterialProperty - a property that maps to a color material. (replaces DynamicColorMaterial)
        • GridMaterialProperty - a property that maps to a grid material. (replaces DynamicGridMaterial)
        • ImageMaterialProperty - a property that maps to an image material. (replaces DynamicImageMaterial)
        • PositionProperty- base interface for all position properties.
        • CompositePositionProperty - a CompositeProperty for positions.
        • ConstantPositionProperty - a PositionProperty whose value does not change in respect to the ReferenceFrame in which is it defined.
        • SampledPositionProperty - a SampledProperty for positions.
        • TimeIntervalCollectionPositionProperty - A TimeIntervalCollectionProperty for positions.
    • Removed processCzml, use CzmlDataSource instead.
    • Source/Widgets/Viewer/lighter.css was deleted, use Source/Widgets/lighter.css instead.
    • Replaced ExtentGeometry parameters for extruded extent to make them consistent with other geometries.
      • options.extrudedOptions.height -> options.extrudedHeight
      • options.extrudedOptions.closeTop -> options.closeBottom
      • options.extrudedOptions.closeBottom -> options.closeTop
    • Geometry constructors no longer compute vertices or indices. Use the type's createGeometry method. For example, code that looked like:

      var boxGeometry = new BoxGeometry({
        minimumCorner : min,
        maximumCorner : max,
        vertexFormat : VertexFormat.POSITION_ONLY

      should now look like:

        var box = new BoxGeometry({
            minimumCorner : min,
            maximumCorner : max,
            vertexFormat : VertexFormat.POSITION_ONLY
        var geometry = BoxGeometry.createGeometry(box);
    • Removed createTypedArray and createArrayBufferView from each of the ComponentDatatype enumerations. Instead, use ComponentDatatype.createTypedArray and ComponentDatatype.createArrayBufferView.

    • DataSourceDisplay now requires a DataSourceCollection to be passed into its constructor.
    • DeveloperError and RuntimeError no longer contain an error property. Call toString, or check the stack property directly instead.
    • Replaced createPickFragmentShaderSource with createShaderSource.
    • Renamed PolygonPipeline.earClip2D to PolygonPipeline.triangulate.
  • Added outline geometries. #1021.
  • Added CorridorGeometry.
  • Added Billboard.scaleByDistance and NearFarScalar to control billboard minimum/maximum scale based on camera distance.
  • Added EllipsoidGeodesic.
  • Added PolylinePipeline.scaleToSurface.
  • Added PolylinePipeline.scaleToGeodeticHeight.
  • Added the ability to specify a minimumTerrainLevel and maximumTerrainLevel when constructing an ImageryLayer. The layer will only be shown for terrain tiles within the specified range.
  • Added Math.setRandomNumberSeed and Math.nextRandomNumber for generating repeatable random numbers.
  • Added Color.fromRandom to generate random and partially random colors.
  • Added an onCancel callback to CameraFlightPath functions that will be executed if the flight is canceled.
  • Added Scene.debugShowFrustums and Scene.debugFrustumStatistics for rendering debugging.
  • Added Packable and PackableForInterpolation interfaces to aid interpolation and in-memory data storage. Also made most core Cesium types implement them.
  • Added InterpolationAlgorithm interface to codify the base interface already being used by LagrangePolynomialApproximation, LinearApproximation, and HermitePolynomialApproximation.
  • Improved the performance of polygon triangulation using an O(n log n) algorithm.
  • Improved geometry batching performance by moving work to a web worker.
  • Improved WallGeometry to follow the curvature of the earth.
  • Improved visual quality of closed translucent geometries.
  • Optimized polyline bounding spheres.
  • Viewer now automatically sets its clock to that of the first added DataSource, regardless of how it was added to the DataSourceCollection. Previously, this was only done for dropped files by viewerDragDropMixin.
  • CesiumWidget and Viewer now display an HTML error panel if an error occurs while rendering, which can be disabled with a constructor option.
  • CameraFlightPath now automatically disables and restores mouse input for the flights it generates.
  • Fixed broken surface rendering in Columbus View when using the EllipsoidTerrainProvider.
  • Fixed triangulation for polygons that cross the international date line.
  • Fixed EllipsoidPrimitive rendering for some oblate ellipsoids. #1067.
  • Fixed Cesium on Nexus 4 with Android 4.3.
  • Upgraded Knockout from version 2.2.1 to 2.3.0.

b19 - 2013-08-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Replaced tessellators and meshes with geometry. In particular:
      • Replaced CubeMapEllipsoidTessellator with EllipsoidGeometry.
      • Replaced BoxTessellator with BoxGeometry.
      • Replaced ExtentTessletaor with ExtentGeometry.
      • Removed PlaneTessellator. It was incomplete and not used.
      • Renamed MeshFilters to GeometryPipeline.
      • Renamed MeshFilters.toWireframeInPlace to GeometryPipeline.toWireframe.
      • Removed MeshFilters.mapAttributeIndices. It was not used.
      • Renamed Context.createVertexArrayFromMesh to Context.createVertexArrayFromGeometry. Likewise, renamed mesh constructor property to geometry.
    • Renamed ComponentDatatype.*.toTypedArray to ComponentDatatype.*.createTypedArray.
    • Removed Polygon.configureExtent. Use ExtentPrimitive instead.
    • Removed Polygon.bufferUsage. It is no longer needed.
    • Removed height and textureRotationAngle arguments from Polygon setPositions and configureFromPolygonHierarchy functions. Use Polygon height and textureRotationAngle properties.
    • Renamed PolygonPipeline.cleanUp to PolygonPipeline.removeDuplicates.
    • Removed PolygonPipeline.wrapLongitude. Use GeometryPipeline.wrapLongitude instead.
    • Added surfaceHeight parameter to BoundingSphere.fromExtent3D.
    • Added surfaceHeight parameter to Extent.subsample.
    • Renamed pointInsideTriangle2D to pointInsideTriangle.
    • Renamed getLogo to getCredit for ImageryProvider and TerrainProvider.
  • Added Geometry and Appearances #911.
  • Added property intersectionWidth to DynamicCone, DynamicPyramid, CustomSensorVolume, and RectangularPyramidSensorVolume.
  • Added ExtentPrimitive.
  • Added PolylinePipeline.removeDuplicates.
  • Added barycentricCoordinates to compute the barycentric coordinates of a point in a triangle.
  • Added BoundingSphere.fromEllipsoid.
  • Added BoundingSphere.projectTo2D.
  • Added Extent.fromDegrees.
  • Added czm_tangentToEyeSpaceMatrix built-in GLSL function.
  • Added debugging aids for low-level rendering: DrawCommand.debugShowBoundingVolume and Scene.debugCommandFilter.
  • Added extrusion to ExtentGeometry.
  • Added Credit and CreditDisplay for displaying credits on the screen.
  • Improved performance and visual quality of CustomSensorVolume and RectangularPyramidSensorVolume.
  • Improved the performance of drawing polygons created with configureFromPolygonHierarchy.

b18 - 2013-07-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Removed CesiumViewerWidget and replaced it with a new Viewer widget with mixin architecture. This new widget does not depend on Dojo and is part of the combined Cesium.js file. It is intended to be a flexible base widget for easily building robust applications. (#838)
    • Changed all widgets to use ECMAScript 5 properties. All public observable properties now must be accessed and assigned as if they were normal properties, instead of being called as functions. For example:
      • clockViewModel.shouldAnimate() -> clockViewModel.shouldAnimate
      • clockViewModel.shouldAnimate(true); -> clockViewModel.shouldAnimate = true;
    • ImageryProviderViewModel.fromConstants has been removed. Use the ImageryProviderViewModel constructor directly.
    • Renamed the transitioner property on CesiumWidget, HomeButton, and ScreenModePicker to sceneTrasitioner to be consistent with property naming convention.
    • ImageryProvider.loadImage now requires that the calling imagery provider instance be passed as its first parameter.
    • Removed the Dojo-based checkForChromeFrame function, and replaced it with a new standalone version that returns a promise to signal when the asynchronous check has completed.
    • Removed Assets/Textures/NE2_LR_LC_SR_W_DR_2048.jpg. If you were previously using this image with SingleTileImageryProvider, consider instead using TileMapServiceImageryProvider with a URL of Assets/Textures/NaturalEarthII.
    • The Client CZML SandCastle demo has been removed, largely because it is redundant with the Simple CZML demo.
    • The Two Viewer Widgets SandCastle demo has been removed. We will add back a multi-scene example when we have a good architecture for it in place.
    • Changed static clone functions in all objects such that if the object being cloned is undefined, the function will return undefined instead of throwing an exception
  • Fix resizing issues in CesiumWidget (#608, #834).
  • Added initial support for GeoJSON and TopoJSON. (#890, #906)
  • Added rotation, aligned axis, width, and height properties to Billboards.
  • Improved the performance of "missing tile" checking, especially for Bing imagery.
  • Improved the performance of terrain and imagery refinement, especially when using a mixture of slow and fast imagery sources.
  • TileMapServiceImageryProvider now supports imagery with a minimum level. This improves compatibility with tile sets generated by MapTiler or using their default settings.
  • Added Context.getAntialias.
  • Improved test robustness on Mac.
  • Upgraded RequireJS to version 2.1.6, and Almond to 0.2.5.
  • Fixed artifacts that showed up on the edges of imagery tiles on a number of GPUs.
  • Fixed an issue in BaseLayerPicker where destroy wasn't properly cleaning everything up.
  • Added the ability to unsubscribe to Timeline update event.
  • Added a screenSpaceEventHandler property to CesiumWidget. Also added a sceneMode option to the constructor to set the initial scene mode.
  • Added useDefaultRenderLoop property to CesiumWidget that allows the default render loop to be disabled so that a custom render loop can be used.
  • Added CesiumWidget.onRenderLoopError which is an Event that is raised if an exception is generated inside of the default render loop.
  • ImageryProviderViewModel.creationCommand can now return an array of ImageryProvider instances, which allows adding multiple layers when a single item is selected in the BaseLayerPicker widget.

b17 - 2013-06-03

  • Breaking changes:
    • Replaced Uniform.getFrameNumber and Uniform.getTime with Uniform.getFrameState, which returns the full frame state.
    • Renamed Widgets/Fullscreen folder to Widgets/FullscreenButton along with associated objects/files.
      • FullscreenWidget -> FullscreenButton
      • FullscreenViewModel -> FullscreenButtonViewModel
    • Removed addAttribute, removeAttribute, and setIndexBuffer from VertexArray. They were not used.
  • Added support for approximating local vertical, local horizontal (LVLH) reference frames when using DynamicObjectView in 3D. The object automatically selects LVLH or EastNorthUp based on the object's velocity.
  • Added support for CZML defined vectors via new CzmlDirection, DynamicVector, and DynamicVectorVisualizer objects.
  • Added SceneTransforms.wgs84ToWindowCoordinates. #746.
  • Added fromElements to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4.
  • Added DrawCommand.cull to avoid redundant visibility checks.
  • Added czm_morphTime automatic GLSL uniform.
  • Added support for OES_vertex_array_object, which improves rendering performance.
  • Added support for floating-point textures.
  • Added IntersectionTests.trianglePlaneIntersection.
  • Added computeHorizonCullingPoint, computeHorizonCullingPointFromVertices, and computeHorizonCullingPointFromExtent methods to EllipsoidalOccluder and used them to build a more accurate horizon occlusion test for terrain rendering.
  • Added sun visualization. See Sun and Scene.sun.
  • Added a new HomeButton widget for returning to the default view of the current scene mode.
  • Added Command.beforeExecute and Command.afterExecute events to enable additional processing when a command is executed.
  • Added rotation parameter to Polygon.configureExtent.
  • Added camera flight to extents. See new methods CameraController.getExtentCameraCoordinates and CameraFlightPath.createAnimationExtent.
  • Improved the load ordering of terrain and imagery tiles, so that relevant detail is now more likely to be loaded first.
  • Improved appearance of the Polyline arrow material.
  • Fixed polyline clipping artifact. #728.
  • Fixed polygon crossing International Date Line for 2D and Columbus view. #99.
  • Fixed issue for camera flights when frameState.mode === SceneMode.MORPHING
  • Fixed ISO8601 date parsing when UTC offset is specified in the extended format, such as 2008-11-10T14:00:00+02:30.

b16 - 2013-05-01

  • Breaking changes:

    • Removed the color, outline color, and outline width properties of polylines. Instead, use materials for polyline color and outline properties. Code that looked like:

      var polyline = polylineCollection.add({
          positions : positions,
          color : new Color(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0),
          outlineColor : new Color(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0),
          width : 1.0,
          outlineWidth : 3.0

      should now look like:

        var outlineMaterial = Material.fromType(context, Material.PolylineOutlineType);
        outlineMaterial.uniforms.color = new Color(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
        outlineMaterial.uniforms.outlineColor = new Color(1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);
        outlineMaterial.uniforms.outlinewidth = 2.0;
        var polyline = polylineCollection.add({
            positions : positions,
            width : 3.0,
            material : outlineMaterial
    • CzmlCartographic has been removed and all cartographic values are converted to Cartesian internally during CZML processing. This improves performance and fixes interpolation of cartographic source data. The Cartographic representation can still be retrieved if needed.

    • Removed ComplexConicSensorVolume, which was not documented and did not work on most platforms. It will be brought back in a future release. This does not affect CZML, which uses a custom sensor to approximate a complex conic.
    • Replaced computeSunPosition with Simon1994PlanetaryPosition, which has functions to calculate the position of the sun and the moon more accurately.
    • Removed Context.createClearState. These properties are now part of ClearCommand.
    • RenderState objects returned from Context.createRenderState are now immutable.
    • Removed positionMC from czm_materialInput. It is no longer used by any materials.
  • Added wide polylines that work with and without ANGLE.
  • Polylines now use materials to describe their surface appearance. See the Fabric wiki page for more details on how to create materials.
  • Added new PolylineOutline, PolylineGlow, PolylineArrow, and Fade materials.
  • Added czm_pixelSizeInMeters automatic GLSL uniform.
  • Added AnimationViewModel.snapToTicks, which when set to true, causes the shuttle ring on the Animation widget to snap to the defined tick values, rather than interpolate between them.
  • Added Color.toRgba and Color.fromRgba to convert to/from numeric unsigned 32-bit RGBA values.
  • Added GridImageryProvider for custom rendering effects and debugging.
  • Added new Grid material.
  • Made EllipsoidPrimitive double-sided.
  • Improved rendering performance by minimizing WebGL state calls.
  • Fixed an error in Web Worker creation when loading Cesium.js from a different origin.
  • Fixed EllipsoidPrimitive picking and picking objects with materials that have transparent parts.
  • Fixed imagery smearing artifacts on mobile devices and other devices without high-precision fragment shaders.

b15 - 2013-04-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Billboard.computeScreenSpacePosition now takes Context and FrameState arguments instead of a UniformState argument.
    • Removed clampToPixel property from BillboardCollection and LabelCollection. This option is no longer needed due to overall LabelCollection visualization improvements.
    • Removed Widgets/Dojo/CesiumWidget and replaced it with Widgets/CesiumWidget, which has no Dojo dependancies.
    • destroyObject no longer deletes properties from the object being destroyed.
    • darker.css files have been deleted and the darker theme is now the default style for widgets. The original theme is now known as lighter and is in corresponding lighter.css files.
    • CSS class names have been standardized to avoid potential collisions. All widgets now follow the same pattern, cesium-<widget>-<className>.
    • Removed view2D, view3D, and viewColumbus properties from CesiumViewerWidget. Use the sceneTransitioner property instead.
  • Added BoundingSphere.fromCornerPoints.
  • Added fromArray and distance functions to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4.
  • Added DynamicPath.resolution property for setting the maximum step size, in seconds, to take when sampling a position for path visualization.
  • Added TileCoordinatesImageryProvider that renders imagery with tile X, Y, Level coordinates on the surface of the globe. This is mostly useful for debugging.
  • Added DynamicEllipse and DynamicObject.ellipse property to render CZML ellipses on the globe.
  • Added sampleTerrain function to sample the terrain height of a list of Cartographic positions.
  • Added DynamicObjectCollection.removeObject and handling of the new CZML delete property.
  • Imagery layers with an alpha of exactly 0.0 are no longer rendered. Previously these invisible layers were rendered normally, which was a waste of resources. Unlike the show property, imagery tiles in a layer with an alpha of 0.0 are still downloaded, so the layer will become visible more quickly when its alpha is increased.
  • Added onTransitionStart and onTransitionComplete events to SceneModeTransitioner.
  • Added SceneModePicker; a new widget for morphing between scene modes.
  • Added BaseLayerPicker; a new widget for switching among pre-configured base layer imagery providers.

b14 - 2013-03-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Major refactoring of both animation and widgets systems as we move to an MVVM-like architecture for user interfaces.
      • New Animation widget for controlling playback.
      • AnimationController.js has been deleted.
      • ClockStep.SYSTEM_CLOCK was added to have the clock always match the system time.
      • ClockRange.LOOP was renamed to ClockRange.LOOP_STOP and now only loops in the forward direction.
      • Clock.reverseTick was removed, simply negate Clock.multiplier and pass it to Clock.tick.
      • Clock.shouldAnimate was added to indicate if Clock.tick should actually advance time.
      • The Timeline widget was moved into the Widgets/Timeline subdirectory.
      • Dojo/TimelineWidget was removed. You should use the non-toolkit specific Timeline widget directly.
    • Removed CesiumViewerWidget.fullScreenElement, instead use the CesiumViewerWidget.fullscreen.viewModel.fullScreenElement observable property.
    • IntersectionTests.rayPlane now takes the new Plane type instead of separate planeNormal and planeD arguments.
    • Renamed ImageryProviderError to TileProviderError.
  • Added support for global terrain visualization via CesiumTerrainProvider, ArcGisImageServerTerrainProvider, and VRTheWorldTerrainProvider. See the Terrain Tutorial for more information.
  • Added FullscreenWidget which is a simple, single-button widget that toggles fullscreen mode of the specified element.
  • Added interactive extent drawing to the Picking Sandcastle example.
  • Added HeightmapTessellator to create a mesh from a heightmap.
  • Added JulianDate.equals
  • Added Plane for representing the equation of a plane.
  • Added a line segment-plane intersection test to IntersectionTests.
  • Improved the lighting used in 2D and Columbus View modes. In general, the surface lighting in these modes should look just like it does in 3D.
  • Fixed an issue where a PolylineCollection with a model matrix other than the identity would be incorrectly rendered in 2D and Columbus view.
  • Fixed an issue in the ScreenSpaceCameraController where disabled mouse events can cause the camera to be moved after being re-enabled.

b13 - 2013-02-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • The combined Cesium.js file and other required files are now created in Build/Cesium and Build/CesiumUnminified folders.
    • The Web Worker files needed when using the combined Cesium.js file are now in a Workers subdirectory.
    • Removed erosion property from Polygon, ComplexConicSensorVolume, RectangularPyramidSensorVolume, and ComplexConicSensorVolume. Use the new Erosion material. See the Sandbox Animation example.
    • Removed setRectangle and getRectangle methods from ViewportQuad. Use the new rectangle property.
    • Removed time parameter from Scene.initializeFrame. Instead, pass the time to Scene.render.
  • Added new RimLighting and Erosion materials. See the Fabric wiki page.
  • Added hue and saturation properties to ImageryLayer.
  • Added czm_hue and czm_saturation to adjust the hue and saturation of RGB colors.
  • Added JulianDate.getDaysDifference method.
  • Added Transforms.computeIcrfToFixedMatrix and computeFixedToIcrfMatrix.
  • Added EarthOrientationParameters, EarthOrientationParametersSample, Iau2006XysData, and Iau2006XysDataSample classes to Core.
  • CZML now supports the ability to specify positions in the International Celestial Reference Frame (ICRF), and inertial reference frame.
  • Fixed globe rendering on the Nexus 4 running Google Chrome Beta.
  • ViewportQuad now supports the material system. See the Fabric wiki page.
  • Fixed rendering artifacts in EllipsoidPrimitive.
  • Fixed an issue where streaming CZML would fail when changing material types.
  • Updated Dojo from 1.7.2 to 1.8.4. Reminder: Cesium does not depend on Dojo but uses it for reference applications.

b12a - 2013-01-18

  • Breaking changes:

    • Renamed the server property to url when constructing a BingMapsImageryProvider. Likewise, renamed BingMapsImageryProvider.getServer to BingMapsImageryProvider.getUrl. Code that looked like

      var bing = new BingMapsImageryProvider({
          server : ''

      should now look like:

      var bing = new BingMapsImageryProvider({
          url : ''
    • Renamed toCSSColor to toCssColorString.

    • Moved minimumZoomDistance and maximumZoomDistance from the CameraController to the ScreenSpaceCameraController.
  • Added fromCssColorString to Color to create a Color instance from any CSS value.
  • Added fromHsl to Color to create a Color instance from H, S, L values.
  • Added Scene.backgroundColor.
  • Added textureRotationAngle parameter to Polygon.setPositions and Polygon.configureFromPolygonHierarchy to rotate textures on polygons.
  • Added Matrix3.fromRotationX, Matrix3.fromRotationY, Matrix3.fromRotationZ, and Matrix2.fromRotation.
  • Added fromUniformScale to Matrix2, Matrix3, and Matrix4.
  • Added fromScale to Matrix2.
  • Added multiplyByUniformScale to Matrix4.
  • Added flipY property when calling Context.createTexture2D and Context.createCubeMap.
  • Added MeshFilters.encodePosition and EncodedCartesian3.encode.
  • Fixed jitter artifacts with polygons.
  • Fixed camera tilt close to the minimumZoomDistance.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to blue tiles when zoomed in close to the North and South poles.
  • Fixed a bug where removing labels would remove the wrong label and ultimately cause a crash.
  • Worked around a bug in Firefox 18 preventing typed arrays from being transferred to or from Web Workers.
  • Upgraded RequireJS to version 2.1.2, and Almond to 0.2.3.
  • Updated the default Bing Maps API key.

b12 - 2013-01-03

  • Breaking changes:
    • Renamed EventHandler to ScreenSpaceEventHandler.
    • Renamed MouseEventType to ScreenSpaceEventType.
    • Renamed MouseEventType.MOVE to ScreenSpaceEventType.MOUSE_MOVE.
    • Renamed CameraEventHandler to CameraEventAggregator.
    • Renamed all *MouseAction to *InputAction (including get, set, remove, etc).
    • Removed Camera2DController, CameraCentralBodyController, CameraColumbusViewController, CameraFlightController, CameraFreeLookController, CameraSpindleController, and CameraControllerCollection. Common ways to modify the camera are through the CameraController object of the Camera and will work in all scene modes. The default camera handler is the ScreenSpaceCameraController object on the Scene.
    • Changed default Natural Earth imagery to a 2K version of Natural Earth II with Shaded Relief, Water, and Drainages. The previously used version did not include lakes and rivers. This replaced Source/Assets/Textures/NE2_50M_SR_W_2048.jpg with Source/Assets/Textures/NE2_LR_LC_SR_W_DR_2048.jpg.
  • Added pinch-zoom, pinch-twist, and pinch-tilt for touch-enabled browsers (particularly mobile browsers).
  • Improved rendering support on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 using Firefox.
  • Improved camera flights.
  • Added Sandbox example using NASA's new Black Marble night imagery.
  • Added constrained z-axis by default to the Cesium widgets.
  • Upgraded Jasmine from version 1.1.0 to 1.3.0.
  • Added JulianDate.toIso8601, which creates an ISO8601 compliant representation of a JulianDate.
  • The Timeline widget now properly displays leap seconds.

b11 - 2012-12-03

  • Breaking changes:
    • Widget render loop now started by default. Startup code changed, see Sandcastle examples.
    • Changed Timeline.makeLabel to take a JulianDate instead of a JavaScript date parameter.
    • Default Earth imagery has been moved to a new package Assets. Images used by Sandcastle examples have been moved to the Sandcastle folder, and images used by the Dojo widgets are now self-contained in the Widgets package.
    • positionToEyeEC in czm_materialInput is no longer normalized by default.
    • FullScreen and related functions have been renamed to Fullscreen to match the W3C standard name.
    • Fullscreen.isFullscreenEnabled was incorrectly implemented in certain browsers. isFullscreenEnabled now correctly determines whether the browser will allow an element to go fullscreen. A new isFullscreen function is available to determine if the browser is currently in fullscreen mode.
    • Fullscreen.getFullScreenChangeEventName and Fullscreen.getFullScreenChangeEventName now return the proper event name, suitable for use with the addEventListener API, instead prefixing them with "on".
    • Removed Scene.setSunPosition and Scene.getSunPosition. The sun position used for lighting is automatically computed based on the scene's time.
    • Removed a number of rendering options from CentralBody, including the ground atmosphere, night texture, specular map, cloud map, cloud shadows, and bump map. These features weren't really production ready and had a disproportionate cost in terms of shader complexity and compilation time. They may return in a more polished form in a future release.
    • Removed affectedByLighting property from Polygon, EllipsoidPrimitive, RectangularPyramidSensorVolume, CustomSensorVolume, and ComplexConicSensorVolume.
    • Removed DistanceIntervalMaterial. This was not documented.
    • Matrix2.getElementIndex, Matrix3.getElementIndex, and Matrix4.getElementIndex functions have had their parameters swapped and now take row first and column second. This is consistent with other class constants, such as Matrix2.COLUMN1ROW2.
    • Replaced CentralBody.showSkyAtmosphere with Scene.skyAtmosphere and SkyAtmosphere. This has no impact for those using the Cesium widget.
  • Improved lighting in Columbus view and on polygons, ellipsoids, and sensors.
  • Fixed atmosphere rendering artifacts and improved Columbus view transition.
  • Fixed jitter artifacts with billboards and polylines.
  • Added TileMapServiceImageryProvider. See the Imagery Layers Sandcastle example.
  • Added Water material. See the Materials Sandcastle example.
  • Added SkyBox to draw stars. Added CesiumWidget.showSkyBox and CesiumViewerWidget.showSkyBox.
  • Added new Matrix4 functions: Matrix4.multiplyByTranslation, multiplyByPoint, and Matrix4.fromScale. Added Matrix3.fromScale.
  • Added EncodedCartesian3, which is used to eliminate jitter when drawing primitives.
  • Added new automatic GLSL uniforms: czm_frameNumber, czm_temeToPseudoFixed, czm_entireFrustum, czm_inverseModel, czm_modelViewRelativeToEye, czm_modelViewProjectionRelativeToEye, czm_encodedCameraPositionMCHigh, and czm_encodedCameraPositionMCLow.
  • Added czm_translateRelativeToEye and czm_luminance GLSL functions.
  • Added shininess to czm_materialInput.
  • Added QuadraticRealPolynomial, CubicRealPolynomial, and QuarticRealPolynomial for finding the roots of quadratic, cubic, and quartic polynomials.
  • Added IntersectionTests.grazingAltitudeLocation for finding a point on a ray nearest to an ellipsoid.
  • Added mostOrthogonalAxis function to Cartesian2, Cartesian3, and Cartesian4.
  • Changed CesiumViewerWidget default behavior so that zooming to an object now requires a single left-click, rather than a double-click.
  • Updated third-party Tween.js.

b10 - 2012-11-02

  • Breaking changes:
    • Renamed Texture2DPool to TexturePool.
    • Renamed BingMapsTileProvider to BingMapsImageryProvider.
    • Renamed SingleTileProvider to SingleTileImageryProvider.
    • Renamed ArcGISTileProvider to ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider.
    • Renamed EquidistantCylindrdicalProjection to GeographicProjection.
    • Renamed MercatorProjection to WebMercatorProjection.
    • CentralBody.dayTileProvider has been removed. Instead, add one or more imagery providers to the collection returned by CentralBody.getImageryLayers().
    • The description.generateTextureCoords parameter passed to ExtentTessellator.compute is now called description.generateTextureCoordinates.
    • Renamed bringForward, sendBackward, bringToFront, and sendToBack methods on CompositePrimitive to raise, lower, raiseToTop, and lowerToBottom, respectively.
    • Cache and CachePolicy are no longer used and have been removed.
    • Fixed problem with Dojo widget startup, and removed "postSetup" callback in the process. See Sandcastle examples and update your startup code.
  • CentralBody now allows imagery from multiple sources to be layered and alpha blended on the globe. See the new Imagery Layers and Map Projections Sandcastle examples.
  • Added WebMapServiceImageryProvider.
  • Improved middle mouse click behavior to always tilt in the same direction.
  • Added getElementIndex to Matrix2, Matrix3, and Matrix4.

b9 - 2012-10-01

  • Breaking changes:
    • Removed the render and renderForPick functions of primitives. The primitive update function updates a list of commands for the renderer. For more details, see the Data Driven Renderer.
    • Removed Context.getViewport and Context.setViewport. The viewport defaults to the size of the canvas if a primitive does not override the viewport property in the render state.
    • shallowEquals has been removed.
    • Passing undefined to any of the set functions on Billboard now throws an exception.
    • Passing undefined to any of the set functions on Polyline now throws an exception.
    • PolygonPipeline.scaleToGeodeticHeight now takes ellipsoid as the last parameter, instead of the first. It also now defaults to Ellipsoid.WGS84 if no parameter is provided.
  • The new Sandcastle live editor and demo gallery replace the Sandbox and Skeleton examples.
  • Improved picking performance and accuracy.
  • Added EllipsoidPrimitive for visualizing ellipsoids and spheres. Currently, this is only supported in 3D, not 2D or Columbus view.
  • Added DynamicEllipsoid and DynamicEllipsoidVisualizer which use the new EllipsoidPrimitive to implement ellipsoids in CZML.
  • Extent functions now take optional result parameters. Also added getCenter, intersectWith, and contains functions.
  • Add new utility class, DynamicObjectView for tracking a DynamicObject with the camera across scene modes; also hooked up CesiumViewerWidget to use it.
  • Added enableTranslate, enableZoom, and enableRotate properties to Camera2DController to selectively toggle camera behavior. All values default to true.
  • Added Camera2DController.setPositionCartographic to simplify moving the camera programmatically when in 2D mode.
  • Improved near/far plane distances and eliminated z-fighting.
  • Added Matrix4.multiplyByTranslation, Matrix4.fromScale, and Matrix3.fromScale.

b8 - 2012-09-05

  • Breaking changes:

    • Materials are now created through a centralized Material class using a JSON schema called Fabric. For example, change:

      polygon.material = new BlobMaterial({repeat : 10.0});


      polygon.material = Material.fromType(context, 'Blob');
      polygon.material.repeat = 10.0;


      polygon.material = new Material({
          context : context,
          fabric : {
              type : 'Blob',
              uniforms : {
                  repeat : 10.0
    • Label.computeScreenSpacePosition now requires the current scene state as a parameter.
    • Passing undefined to any of the set functions on Label now throws an exception.
    • Renamed agi_ prefix on GLSL identifiers to czm_.
    • Replaced ViewportQuad properties vertexShader and fragmentShader with optional constructor arguments.
    • Changed the GLSL automatic uniform czm_viewport from an ivec4 to a vec4 to reduce casting.
    • Billboard now defaults to an image index of -1 indicating no texture, previously billboards defaulted to 0 indicating the first texture in the atlas. For example, change:

          position : { x : 1.0, y : 2.0, z : 3.0 },


          position : { x : 1.0, y : 2.0, z : 3.0 },
          imageIndex : 0
    • Renamed SceneState to FrameState.
    • SunPosition was changed from a static object to a function computeSunPosition; which now returns a Cartesian3 with the computed position. It was also optimized for performance and memory pressure. For example, change:

      var result = SunPosition.compute(date);
      var position = result.position;


      var position = computeSunPosition(date);
  • All Quaternion operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing x, y, z and w properties.

  • Added support for nested polygons with holes. See Polygon.configureFromPolygonHierarchy.
  • Added support to the renderer for view frustum and central body occlusion culling. All built-in primitives, such as BillboardCollection, Polygon, PolylineCollection, etc., can be culled. See the advanced examples in the Sandbox for details.
  • Added writeTextToCanvas function which handles sizing the resulting canvas to fit the desired text.
  • Added support for CZML path visualization via the DynamicPath and DynamicPathVisualizer objects. See the CZML wiki for more details.
  • Added support for WEBGL_depth_texture. See Framebuffer.setDepthTexture.
  • Added CesiumMath.isPowerOfTwo.
  • Added affectedByLighting to ComplexConicSensorVolume, CustomSensorVolume, and RectangularPyramidSensorVolume to turn lighting on/off for these objects.
  • CZML Polygon, Cone, and Pyramid objects are no longer affected by lighting.
  • Added czm_viewRotation and czm_viewInverseRotation automatic GLSL uniforms.
  • Added a clampToPixel property to BillboardCollection and LabelCollection. When true, it aligns all billboards and text to a pixel in screen space, providing a crisper image at the cost of jumpier motion.
  • Ellipsoid functions now take optional result parameters.

b7 - 2012-08-01

  • Breaking changes:

    • Removed keyboard input handling from EventHandler.
    • TextureAtlas takes an object literal in its constructor instead of separate parameters. Code that previously looked like:

      context.createTextureAtlas(images, pixelFormat, borderWidthInPixels);

      should now look like:

      context.createTextureAtlas({images : images, pixelFormat : pixelFormat, borderWidthInPixels : borderWidthInPixels});
    • Camera.pickEllipsoid returns the picked position in world coordinates and the ellipsoid parameter is optional. Prefer the new Scene.pickEllipsoid method. For example, change

      var position = camera.pickEllipsoid(ellipsoid, windowPosition);


      var position = scene.pickEllipsoid(windowPosition, ellipsoid);
    • Camera.getPickRay now returns the new Ray type instead of an object with position and direction properties.

    • Camera.viewExtent now takes an Extent argument instead of west, south, east and north arguments. Prefer Scene.viewExtent over Camera.viewExtent. Scene.viewExtent will work in any SceneMode. For example, change

      camera.viewExtent(ellipsoid, west, south, east, north);


      scene.viewExtent(extent, ellipsoid);
    • CameraSpindleController.mouseConstrainedZAxis has been removed. Instead, use CameraSpindleController.constrainedAxis. Code that previously looked like:

      spindleController.mouseConstrainedZAxis = true;

      should now look like:

      spindleController.constrainedAxis = Cartesian3.UNIT_Z;
    • The Camera2DController constructor and CameraControllerCollection.add2D now require a projection instead of an ellipsoid.

    • Chain has been removed. when is now included as a more complete CommonJS Promises/A implementation.
    • Jobs.downloadImage was replaced with loadImage to provide a promise that will asynchronously load an image.
    • jsonp now returns a promise for the requested data, removing the need for a callback parameter.
    • JulianDate.getTimeStandard() has been removed, dates are now always stored internally as TAI.
    • LeapSeconds.setLeapSeconds now takes an array of LeapSecond instances instead of JSON.
    • TimeStandard.convertUtcToTai and TimeStandard.convertTaiToUtc have been removed as they are no longer needed.
    • Cartesian3.prototype.getXY() was replaced with Cartesian2.fromCartesian3. Code that previously looked like cartesian3.getXY(); should now look like Cartesian2.fromCartesian3(cartesian3);.
    • Cartesian4.prototype.getXY() was replaced with Cartesian2.fromCartesian4. Code that previously looked like cartesian4.getXY(); should now look like Cartesian2.fromCartesian4(cartesian4);.
    • Cartesian4.prototype.getXYZ() was replaced with Cartesian3.fromCartesian4. Code that previously looked like cartesian4.getXYZ(); should now look like Cartesian3.fromCartesian4(cartesian4);.
    • Math.angleBetween was removed because it was a duplicate of Cartesian3.angleBetween. Simply replace calls of the former to the later.
    • Cartographic3 was renamed to Cartographic.
    • Cartographic2 was removed; use Cartographic instead.
    • Ellipsoid.toCartesian was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartographicToCartesian.
    • Ellipsoid.toCartesians was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartographicArrayToCartesianArray.
    • Ellipsoid.toCartographic2 was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartesianToCartographic.
    • Ellipsoid.toCartographic2s was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartesianArrayToCartographicArray.
    • Ellipsoid.toCartographic3 was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartesianToCartographic.
    • Ellipsoid.toCartographic3s was renamed to Ellipsoid.cartesianArrayToCartographicArray.
    • Ellipsoid.cartographicDegreesToCartesian was removed. Code that previously looked like ellipsoid.cartographicDegreesToCartesian(new Cartographic(45, 50, 10)) should now look like ellipsoid.cartographicToCartesian(Cartographic.fromDegrees(45, 50, 10)).
    • Math.cartographic3ToRadians, Math.cartographic2ToRadians, Math.cartographic2ToDegrees, and Math.cartographic3ToDegrees were removed. These functions are no longer needed because Cartographic instances are always represented in radians.
    • All functions starting with multiplyWith now start with multiplyBy to be consistent with functions starting with divideBy.
    • The multiplyWithMatrix function on each Matrix type was renamed to multiply.
    • All three Matrix classes have been largely re-written for consistency and performance. The values property has been eliminated and Matrices are no longer immutable. Code that previously looked like matrix = matrix.setColumn0Row0(12); now looks like matrix[Matrix2.COLUMN0ROW0] = 12;. Code that previously looked like matrix.setColumn3(cartesian3); now looked like matrix.setColumn(3, cartesian3, matrix).
    • 'Polyline' is no longer externally creatable. To create a 'Polyline' use the 'PolylineCollection.add' method.

      Polyline polyline = new Polyline();


      PolylineCollection polylineCollection = new PolylineCollection();
      Polyline polyline = polylineCollection.add();
  • All Cartesian2 operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing x and y properties.

  • All Cartesian3 operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing x, y, and z properties.
  • All Cartesian4 operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing x, y, z and w properties.
  • All Cartographic operations now have static versions that work with any objects exposing longitude, latitude, and height properties.
  • All Matrix classes are now indexable like arrays.
  • All Matrix operations now have static versions of all prototype functions and anywhere we take a Matrix instance as input can now also take an Array or TypedArray.
  • All Matrix, Cartesian, and Cartographic operations now take an optional result parameter for object re-use to reduce memory pressure.
  • Added Cartographic.fromDegrees to make creating Cartographic instances from values in degrees easier.
  • Added addImage to TextureAtlas so images can be added to a texture atlas after it is constructed.
  • Added Scene.pickEllipsoid, which picks either the ellipsoid or the map depending on the current SceneMode.
  • Added Event, a new utility class which makes it easy for objects to expose event properties.
  • Added TextureAtlasBuilder, a new utility class which makes it easy to build a TextureAtlas asynchronously.
  • Added Clock, a simple clock for keeping track of simulated time.
  • Added LagrangePolynomialApproximation, HermitePolynomialApproximation, and LinearApproximation interpolation algorithms.
  • Added CoordinateConversions, a new static class where most coordinate conversion methods will be stored.
  • Added Spherical coordinate type
  • Added a new DynamicScene layer for time-dynamic, data-driven visualization. This include CZML processing. For more details see and
  • Added a new application, Cesium Viewer, for viewing CZML files and otherwise exploring the globe.
  • Added a new Widgets directory, to contain common re-usable Cesium related controls.
  • Added a new Timeline widget to the Widgets directory.
  • Added a new Widgets/Dojo directory, to contain dojo-specific widgets.
  • Added new Timeline and Cesium dojo widgets.
  • Added CameraCentralBodyController as the new default controller to handle mouse input.
    • The left mouse button rotates around the central body.
    • The right mouse button and mouse wheel zoom in and out.
    • The middle mouse button rotates around the point clicked on the central body.
  • Added computeTemeToPseudoFixedMatrix function to Transforms.
  • Added 'PolylineCollection' to manage numerous polylines. 'PolylineCollection' dramatically improves rendering speed when using polylines.

b6a - 2012-06-20

  • Breaking changes:
    • Changed Tipsify.tipsify and Tipsify.calculateACMR to accept an object literal instead of three separate arguments. Supplying a maximum index and cache size is now optional.
    • CentralBody no longer requires a camera as the first parameter.
  • Added CentralBody.northPoleColor and CentralBody.southPoleColor to fill in the poles if they are not covered by a texture.
  • Added Polygon.configureExtent to create a polygon defined by west, south, east, and north values.
  • Added functions to Camera to provide position and directions in world coordinates.
  • Added showThroughEllipsoid to CustomSensorVolume and RectangularPyramidSensorVolume to allow sensors to draw through Earth.
  • Added affectedByLighting to CentralBody and Polygon to turn lighting on/off for these objects.

b5 - 2012-05-15

  • Breaking changes:

    • Renamed Geoscope to Cesium. To update your code, change all Geoscope.* references to Cesium.*, and reference Cesium.js instead of Geoscope.js.
    • CompositePrimitive.addGround was removed; use CompositePrimitive.add instead. For example, change



    • Moved eastNorthUpToFixedFrame and northEastDownToFixedFrame functions from Ellipsoid to a new Transforms object. For example, change

      var m = ellipsoid.eastNorthUpToFixedFrame(p);


      var m = Cesium.Transforms.eastNorthUpToFixedFrame(p, ellipsoid);
    • Label properties fillStyle and strokeStyle were renamed to fillColor and outlineColor; they are also now color objects instead of strings. The label Color property has been removed.

      For example, change



      label.setFillColor({ red : 1.0, blue : 0.0, green : 0.0, alpha : 1.0 });
      label.setOutlineColor({ red : 1.0, blue : 1.0, green : 1.0, alpha : 1.0 });
    • Renamed Tipsify.Tipsify to Tipsify.tipsify.

    • Renamed Tipsify.CalculateACMR to Tipsify.calculateACMR.
    • Renamed LeapSecond.CompareLeapSecondDate to LeapSecond.compareLeapSecondDate.
    • Geoscope.JSONP.get is now Cesium.jsonp. Cesium.jsonp now takes a url, a callback function, and an options object. The previous 2nd and 4th parameters are now specified using the options object.
    • TWEEN is no longer globally defined, and is instead available as Cesium.Tween.
    • Chain.js functions such as run are now moved to, etc.
    • Geoscope.CollectionAlgorithms.binarySearch is now Cesium.binarySearch.
    • Geoscope.ContainmentTests.pointInsideTriangle2D is now Cesium.pointInsideTriangle2D.
    • Static constructor methods prefixed with "createFrom", now start with "from":



    • The JulianDate constructor no longer takes a Date object, use the new from methods instead:

      new JulianDate(new Date());


      JulianDate.fromDate(new Date("January 1, 2011 12:00:00 EST"));
    • JulianDate.getDate is now JulianDate.toDate() and returns a new instance each time.

    • CentralBody.logoOffsetX and logoOffsetY have been replaced with CentralBody.logoOffset, a Cartesian2.
    • TileProviders now take a proxy object instead of a string, to allow more control over how proxy URLs are built. Construct a DefaultProxy, passing the previous proxy URL, to get the previous behavior.
    • Ellipsoid.getScaledWgs84() has been removed since it is not needed.
    • getXXX() methods which returned a new instance of what should really be a constant are now exposed as frozen properties instead. This should improve performance and memory pressure.

      • Cartsian2/3/4.getUnitX() -> Cartsian2/3/4.UNIT_X
      • Cartsian2/3/4.getUnitY() -> Cartsian2/3/4.UNIT_Y
      • Cartsian2/3/4.getUnitZ() -> Cartsian3/4.UNIT_Z
      • Cartsian2/3/4.getUnitW() -> Cartsian4.UNIT_W
      • Matrix/2/3/4.getIdentity() -> Matrix/2/3/4.IDENTITY
      • Quaternion.getIdentity() -> Quaternion.IDENTITY
      • Ellipsoid.getWgs84() -> Ellipsoid.WGS84
      • Ellipsoid.getUnitSphere() -> Ellipsoid.UNIT_SPHERE
      • Cartesian2/3/4/Cartographic.getZero() -> Cartesian2/3/4/Cartographic.ZERO
  • Added PerformanceDisplay which can be added to a scene to display frames per second (FPS).

  • Labels now correctly allow specifying fonts by non-pixel CSS units such as points, ems, etc.
  • Added Shapes.computeEllipseBoundary and updated Shapes.computeCircleBoundary to compute boundaries using arc-distance.
  • Added fileExtension and credit properties to OpenStreetMapTileProvider construction.
  • Night lights no longer disappear when CentralBody.showGroundAtmosphere is true.

b4 - 2012-03-01

  • Breaking changes:

    • Replaced Geoscope.SkyFromSpace object with CentralBody.showSkyAtmosphere property.
    • For mouse click and double click events, replaced event.x and event.y with event.position.
    • For mouse move events, replaced movement.startX and startY with movement.startPosition. Replaced movement.endX and movement.endY with movement.endPosition.
    • Scene.Pick now takes a Cartesian2 with the origin at the upper-left corner of the canvas. For example, code that looked like:

      scene.pick(movement.endX, scene.getCanvas().clientHeight - movement.endY);


  • Added SceneTransitioner to switch between 2D and 3D views. See the new Skeleton 2D example.

  • Added CentralBody.showGroundAtmosphere to show an atmosphere on the ground.
  • Added Camera.pickEllipsoid to get the point on the globe under the mouse cursor.
  • Added Polygon.height to draw polygons at a constant altitude above the ellipsoid.

b3 - 2012-02-06

  • Breaking changes:
    • Replaced Geoscope.Constants and Geoscope.Trig with Geoscope.Math.
    • Polygon
      • Replaced setColor and getColor with a material.color property.
      • Replaced setEllipsoid and getEllipsoid with an ellipsoid property.
      • Replaced setGranularity and getGranularity with a granularity property.
    • Polyline
      • Replaced setColor/getColor and setOutlineColor/getOutlineColor with color and outline properties.
      • Replaced setWidth/getWidth and setOutlineWidth/getOutlineWidth with width and outlineWidth properties.
    • Removed Geoscope.BillboardCollection.bufferUsage. It is now automatically determined.
    • Removed Geoscope.Label set/get functions for shadowOffset, shadowBlur, shadowColor. These are no longer supported.
    • Renamed Scene.getTransitions to Scene.getAnimations.
    • Renamed SensorCollection to SensorVolumeCollection.
    • Replaced ComplexConicSensorVolume.material with separate materials for each surface: outerMaterial, innerMaterial, and capMaterial.
    • Material renames
      • TranslucentSensorVolumeMaterial to ColorMaterial.
      • DistanceIntervalSensorVolumeMaterial to DistanceIntervalMaterial.
      • TieDyeSensorVolumeMaterial to TieDyeMaterial.
      • CheckerboardSensorVolumeMaterial to CheckerboardMaterial.
      • PolkaDotSensorVolumeMaterial to DotMaterial.
      • FacetSensorVolumeMaterial to FacetMaterial.
      • BlobSensorVolumeMaterial to BlobMaterial.
    • Added new materials:
      • VerticalStripeMaterial
      • HorizontalStripeMaterial
      • DistanceIntervalMaterial
    • Added polygon material support via the new Polygon.material property.
    • Added clock angle support to ConicSensorVolume via the new maximumClockAngle and minimumClockAngle properties.
    • Added a rectangular sensor, RectangularPyramidSensorVolume.
    • Changed custom sensor to connect direction points using the sensor's radius; previously, points were connected with a line.
    • Improved performance and memory usage of BillboardCollection and LabelCollection.
    • Added more mouse events.
    • Added Sandbox examples for new features.

b2 - 2011-12-01

  • Added complex conic and custom sensor volumes, and various materials to change their appearance. See the new Sensor folder in the Sandbox.
  • Added modelMatrix property to primitives to render them in a local reference frame. See the polyline example in the Sandbox.
  • Added eastNorthUpToFixedFrame() and northEastDownToFixedFrame() to Ellipsoid to create local reference frames.
  • Added CameraFlightController to zoom smoothly from one point to another. See the new camera examples in the Sandbox.
  • Added row and column assessors to Matrix2, Matrix3, and Matrix4.
  • Added Scene, which reduces the amount of code required to use Geoscope. See the Skeleton. We recommend using this instead of explicitly calling update() and render() for individual or composite primitives. Existing code will need minor changes:

    • Calls to Context.pick() should be replaced with Scene.pick().
    • Primitive constructors no longer require a context argument.
    • Primitive update() and render() functions now require a context argument. However, when using the new Scene object, these functions do not need to be called directly.
    • TextureAtlas should no longer be created directly; instead, call Scene.getContext().createTextureAtlas().
    • Other breaking changes:

      • Camera get/set functions, e.g., getPosition/setPosition were replaced with properties, e.g., position.
      • Replaced CompositePrimitive, Polygon, and Polyline getShow/setShow functions with a show property.
      • Replaced Polyline, Polygon, BillboardCollection, and LabelCollection getBufferUsage/setBufferUsage functions with a bufferUsage property.
      • Changed colors used by billboards, labels, polylines, and polygons. Previously, components were named r, g, b, and a. They are now red, green, blue, and alpha. Previously, each component's range was [0, 255]. The range is now [0, 1] floating point. For example,

        color : { r : 0, g : 255, b : 0, a : 255 }


        color : { red : 0.0, green : 1.0, blue : 0.0, alpha : 1.0 }

b1 - 2011-09-19

  • Added Shapes.computeCircleBoundary to compute circles. See the Sandbox.
  • Changed the EventHandler constructor function to take the Geoscope canvas, which ensures the mouse position is correct regardless of the canvas' position on the page. Code that previously looked like:

    var handler = new Geoscope.EventHandler();

    should now look like:

    var handler = new Geoscope.EventHandler(canvas);
  • Context.Pick no longer requires clamping the x and y arguments. Code that previously looked like:

    var pickedObject = context.pick(primitives, us, Math.max(x, 0.0),
        Math.max(context.getCanvas().clientHeight - y, 0.0));

    can now look like:

    var pickedObject = context.pick(primitives, us, x, context.getCanvas().clientHeight - y);
  • Changed Polyline.setWidth and Polyline.setOutlineWidth to clamp the width to the WebGL implementation limit instead of throwing an exception. Code that previously looked like:

    var maxWidth = context.getMaximumAliasedLineWidth();
    polyline.setWidth(Math.min(5, maxWidth));
    polyline.setOutlineWidth(Math.min(10, maxWidth));

    can now look like:

  • Improved the Sandbox:

    • Code in the editor is now evaluated as you type for quick prototyping.
    • Highlighting a Geoscope type in the editor and clicking the doc button in the toolbar now brings up the reference help for that type.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Context constructor-function now takes an element instead of an ID. Code that previously looked like:

    var context = new Geoscope.Context("glCanvas");
    var canvas = context.getCanvas();

    should now look like:

    var canvas = document.getElementById("glCanvas");
    var context = new Geoscope.Context(canvas);

b0 - 2011-08-31

  • Added new Sandbox and Skeleton examples. The sandbox contains example code for common tasks. The skeleton is a bare-bones application for building upon. Most sandbox code examples can be copy and pasted directly into the skeleton.
  • Added Geoscope.Polygon for drawing polygons on the globe.
  • Added Context.pick to pick objects in one line of code.
  • Added bringForward, bringToFront, sendBackward, and sendToBack functions to CompositePrimitive to control the render-order for ground primitives.
  • Added getShow/setShow functions to Polyline and CompositePrimitive.
  • Added new camera control and event types including CameraFreeLookEventHandler, CameraSpindleEventHandler, and EventHandler.
  • Replaced Ellipsoid.toCartesian3 with Ellipsoid.toCartesian.
  • update and updateForPick functions no longer require a UniformState argument.

Alpha Releases

a6 - 2011-08-05

  • Added support for lines using Geoscope.Polyline. See the Sandbox example.
  • Made CompositePrimitive, LabelCollection, and BillboardCollection have consistent function names, including a new contains() function.
  • Improved reference documentation layout.

a5 - 2011-07-22

  • Flushed out CompositePrimitive, TimeStandard, and LeapSecond types.
  • Improved support for browsers using ANGLE (Windows Only).

a4 - 2011-07-15

  • Added Geoscope.TimeStandard for handling TAI and UTC time standards.
  • Added Geoscope.Quaternion, which is a foundation for future camera control.
  • Added initial version of Geoscope.PrimitiveCollection to simplify rendering.
  • Prevented billboards/labels near the surface from getting cut off by the globe.
  • See the Sandbox for example code.
  • Added more reference documentation for labels.

a3 - 2011-07-08

  • Added Geoscope.LabelCollection for drawing text.
  • Added Geoscope.JulianDate and Geoscope.TimeConstants for proper time handling.
  • See the Sandbox example for how to use the new labels and Julian date.

a2 - 2011-07-01

  • Added Geoscope.ViewportQuad and Geoscope.Rectangle (foundations for 2D map).
  • Improved the visual quality of cloud shadows.

a1 - 2011-06-24

  • Added SunPosition type to compute the sun position for a julian date.
  • Simplified picking. See the mouse move event in the Sandbox example.
  • Cartographic2 and Cartographic3 are now mutable types.
  • Added reference documentation for billboards.

a0 - 2011-06-17

  • Initial Release.
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