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Update and build.xml for b7 release.

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commit 318dc80a861187333d3e4ebd50bb78aad876ccbc 1 parent 25de62d
@bagnell bagnell authored
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  2. +1 −1  build.xml
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Change Log
Beta Releases
-### b7 - xx/xx/2012
+### b7 - 08/01/2012
* Breaking changes:
* Removed keyboard input handling from `EventHandler`.
2  build.xml
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@
<property name="build.minification" value="false" />
<!-- Inputs -->
- <property name="version" value="b6a" />
+ <property name="version" value="b7" />
<property name="sourceDirectory" location="Source" />
<property name="shadersDirectory" location="${sourceDirectory}/Shaders" />
<property name="examplesDirectory" location="Examples" />

9 comments on commit 318dc80

  • Wow - we went from 18.9MB to 64.5MB. Is that because of the two versions of Dojo (which is only temporary) or did we add any large data? CC @mramato
  • Is there a wiki page explaining the release process? Perhaps under the Contributors section on the wiki?
  • Can you email the dev and announce list to let them know about the release; point them to; and briefly highlight major features?

The Viewer app (code/images/example CZML) only add ~4 megs compressed total. Dojo 1.7 is significantly bigger than 1.6 (13.4 megs versus 57 megs uncompressed), so I'm guessing that's where it's all coming from. Also, if the zip files were compressed with different settings, that could affect size by a few meg as well.


Also, all of the data used by Apps is doubled, once for the built version and once for the source version. Our documentation also increased in size a bunch do to it actually working now. @shunter might have some thoughts as well.


Do we have to duplicate the viewer app data? I believe we don't duplicate the data for the Sandbox and Skeleton.


The Sandbox and Skeleton aren't real built applications, like the CesiumViewer is. The dojo-built CesiumViewer is intended for deployment, because it is minified and has its code combined into a small number of files for faster load. The source version is fully functional too, except it's intended for development, and it downloads hundreds of unminified separate javascript files, which loads slower but lets you see changes immediately.

Maybe we should have multiple zip files? One for the Cesium source, one with the pre-built CesiumViewer app? The data is duplicated because the Build/Apps/CesiumViewer directory is ready to be deployed as-is, entirely self-contained, with no dependency on any of the other files or directory structure.


At some point, I can see multiple zip files, but I'd rather avoid it for now. Less options for users will help them know where to go; I still don't know what version of eclipse to download. Once we get rid of Dojo 1.6, it sounds like things will be more reasonable. Later, perhaps we can only include parts of Dojo 1.7 that we use - or would that hinder users that are building on both Dojo and Cesium?


Dropping the Sandbox and 1.6 will lower our zip size by about 10 MB. The source of Dojo 1.7 is 31 MB zipped, so it looks like that's where most of our increase comes from. We could look into getting rid of the Dojo test directories, which we don't need at all.


We will have the same issue with Sandcastle. How about this:

  1. Non AMD: contains ready to deploy apps, built documentation, and concatenated Cesium sources (both minified and not).
  2. AMD: contains unbuilt Apps/Source/Images/Examples/ThirdParty directories; and built Documentation.

EDIT: Just saw the two above posts. I'm fine with keeping a single zip file. I don't think we want to trim down dojo because it would hinder developers using dojo and Cesium.


OK - we'll drop Sandbox and Dojo 1.6 when Sandcastle is ready - probably b8 - and call it a day. If people complain about the zip size we will investigate further.

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