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Assets 3

1.29 - 2017-01-02

Highlights include:

  • Added the ability to blend a Model with a color/translucency. Added color, colorBlendMode, and colorBlendAmount properties to Model, ModelGraphics, and CZML. Also added ColorBlendMode enum. #4547
  • Added the ability to render a Model with a silhouette. Added silhouetteColor and silhouetteSize properties to Model, ModelGraphics, and CZML. #4314
  • Added new Label properties showBackground, backgroundColor, and backgroundPadding to the primitive, Entity, and CZML layers.
  • Added support for newlines (\n) in Cesium Labels and CZML. [#2402]
  • Added new enum VerticalOrigin.BASELINE. Previously, VerticalOrigin.BOTTOM would sometimes align to the baseline depending on the contents of a label.

See the change log for a full list of changes