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Space Features

Patrick Cozzi edited this page · 37 revisions

Most Important

  • Narrow three-arc-second field-of-view sensor. Display condition to draw a polyline?
  • Bent ellipsoids.


  • Lighting conditions: umbra and penumbra cones
  • Sun and moon labels? #1218
  • CZML support for stored views
  • Draw two vectors with an arc for the angle and an annotation

Less Important

  • Textured plane aligned with sensor boresight (use a model?)
  • Draw individual stars from a database.


  • Ability to show Earth-centered view in ICRF instead of Fixed. - #825
  • Viewing in LLVH - #531 #818
  • Render sun.
  • More precise sun position. #391
  • Inertial frame
  • Polyline - per-vertex color for passes. Will materials on polylines work?
  • Ellipsoid improvements
  • Sun size. #769
  • Render moon with right size and lighting. We already have the moon position, #677
  • Night time. #1251
  • Mouse wheel is slow for long view distances. #1011
  • Fuzzy ellipsoid lines. #899
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