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🐦 @a11yisimportant

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@a11yisimportant is a Twitter bot which follows smart people tweeting about #a11y and retweets mentions. Written in Typescript and hosted on Oswald Labs Platform.

⭐ How it works


The follow endpoint follows users tweeting with the hashtag #a11y. It runs every hour, powered by IFTTT and a webhook:

  1. Find (mixed) tweets with hashtag #a11y
  2. Like all those tweets
  3. Make a list of users (unique)
  4. Remove any users @a11yisimportant already follows
  5. Follow everyone from this list


The retweet endpoint retweets tweets that @a11yisimportant is tagged in. It runs every hour, powered by IFTTT and a webhook:

  1. Find (recent) tweets with mention @a11yisimportant
  2. Remove any tweets written by self
  3. Remove any tweets which are already retweeted
  4. Like every tweet in this list
  5. If this tweet is a reply, get the original tweet instead
  6. Remove any duplicates (unique array)
  7. Remove any "Thanks for the follow!" tweets
  8. Retweet every tweet in this list


This package also exposes the following Typescript interfaces:

  • SearchResult for the result from a standard search using the Twitter API
  • SearchMeta for the metadata in a search result
  • User for a user's profile
  • Tweet for a tweet object

You can use them like this:

import { Tweet } from "a11yisimportant/interfaces" 
const tweet: Tweet = {
  id_str: "1106516296085188609",
  text: "Accessibility is important",
  user: {
    id_str: "1106514269758214144",
    screen_name: "a11yisimportant"
  // . . .

In each interface, longint strings are preferred since JavaScript natively doesn't support such large integers (e.g., id_str instead of id).

πŸ› οΈ Development

Install dependencies:


Compile Typescript to CommonJS before running the server:

yarn build

Run local server:

yarn start

βœ… Todo

  • Auto follow
  • Auto retweet
  • Retweet CC original tweets
  • Like all mentions
  • Like all #a11y tweets
  • Unfollow people who don't follow back

πŸ“ License



🐦 Twitter bot for @a11yisimportant Γ— #a11y




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