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πŸ“… Calendar link generator for popular services
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Calendar Link

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JavaScript library to generate an event link for Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.



import { google, outlook, yahoo } from "calendar-link"

// Set event as an object
const event = {
  title: "My birthday party",
  description: "Be there!",
  starts: "2019-12-29 18:00:00 +0100",
  duration: [3, "hour"]

// Then fetch the link
google(event); //
outook(event); //
yahoo(event); //


Property Description Allowed values
title πŸ‘ Event title String
start πŸ‘ Start time JS Date / ISO 8601 string / Unix Timestamp
end πŸ€™ End time JS Date / ISO 8601 string / Unix Timestamp
duration πŸ€™ Event duration Array with value (Number) and unit (String)
description πŸ‘Œ Information about the event String
location πŸ‘Œ Event location in words String
busy πŸ‘Œ Mark on calendar as busy? Boolean
guests 🀞 Emails of other guests Array of emails (String)

Support key

Emoji Meaning
πŸ‘ Required
πŸ€™ Any one is required
πŸ‘Œ Supported but not required
🀞 Not all calendars support


MIT Β© Anand Chowdhary

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