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📦 Typescript DOM library starter template
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📦 Typestart

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Typestart is a web/DOM library starter with these features:

  • Written in Typescript
  • Built-in demo with GitHub pages (./docs/ folder)
  • main/module/types in package.json
  • Bundled as UMD (works as a module)
  • Exposes window.Library (works with CDNs)
  • Style with Sass
  • Test with Jest
  • Build with Travis CI
  • Clean with Prettier

⭐ Getting started

Clone and start your project:

git clone
mv typestart my-library && cd my-library
sudo rm -r .git && git init

Find and replace "typestart" with your library name and "AnandChowdhary" with your GitHub username.

GitHub configuration

Setup GitHub Pages demo by going to Settings → GitHub Pages → Source → master branch /docs folder.


Start development server with HMR and prettier:

yarn start


Build a production version:

yarn build

🛠️ Using a Typestart library

Install the library as a dependency:

npm install typestart

Or, if you're using Yarn:

yarn add typestart

Then import the library:

import Typestart from "typestart";

And initialize it with an optional selector:

const typestart = new Typestart("#heading");

You can also use a CDN:

<script src=""></script>

💡 Why another starter?

I've used a bunch of different Typescript library starters, but they all have tons of boilerplate (super long build rules, scripts for releases, publishing, building, etc.)

Typestart is—like the name suggests—a starting point.

📝 License

Unlicense (public domain, do whatever you want)

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