A curated list of Awesome Apache Solr links and resources.
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Awesome Solr Awesome

Solr is a Web Service (REST) that provides applications API access to create and manage search indices (Collections) that behave like a NoSQL storage for Documents with Fields. The data saved in a collection of Solr documents can be queried using a variety of query syntaxes, most commonly the Lucene query syntax, or later dismax, or edismax. Solr's web server based on Jetty wraps the Lucene API with a web service so that developers and applications don't need to do the housekeeping involved in managing the index files themselves.

A curated list of awesome Apache Solr packages and resources. Maintained by Rahul Singh of Anant. Feel free contact me if you'd like to collaborate on this and other awesome lists. Awesome Cassandra , Awesome Solr, Awesome Lucene





  • Appleseed Search Web User Appleseed Search Web User interfaces - Angular JS 1 Search Interfaces for SolR, Elastic Edit Add topics.
  • Blacklight A multi-institutional open-source collaboration building a better discovery platform framework.
  • Solr PHP UI Solr client and user interface for search (UI).
  • AJAX Solr AJAX Solr is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces to Apache Solr.
  • Spyglass Simple search results with Solr and EmberJS.
  • Splainer Angular JS Solr and Elasticsearch Diagnostic Search Services.
  • Solrstrap Solrstrap is a Query-Result interface for Solr.
  • ngSolr Easy faceted search for Apache Solr.
  • SOLR-AJAX Single Page Faceted Search Interface to Apache Solr/Lucene.
  • Solstice A simple Solr wrapper for AngularJS apps.
  • SolrDora A quick and easy way to explore the data in your Solr core.



  • Transformalize This tool expedites mundane data processing tasks like cleaning, reporting, and denormalization. Specifically can quickly process data from SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL to Solr/ Elasticsearch.
  • JesterJ A new highly flexible, highly scaleable document ingestion system.
  • Spark-Solr Tools for reading data from Solr as a Spark RDD and indexing objects from Spark into Solr using SolrJ.
  • Flink Solr Connector Apache Flink Sink for Solr.
  • Apache Flume Flume is a distributed, reliable, and available service for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data.
  • Storm Solr Tools for building Storm topologies for indexing data into SolrCloud.
  • [Kafka Connector for Solr Sink(https://github.com/MSurendra/kafka-connect-solr) Kafka Connect Solr for writing data to Solr.
  • SolrMQ SolrMQ is a plugin for Solr that allows you to send updates to Solr using a AMQP messaging queue. We use the RabbitMQ library.


  • SolrJ Java Solr Client.
  • SolrNet .NET Solr Client.
  • Solr Scala Client.
  • solrs An async, non-blocking solr client for java/scala, providing a query interface like SolrJ.
  • Scalikesolr Apache Solr. Client for Scala/Java.
  • Solr Play Scala Client A Scala library in Play framework for indexing and searching documents within an Apache Solr.
  • Python Solr Clients Reference to multiple Python Solr Clients.
  • Python:SolrClient SolrClient is a simple python library for Solr; built in python3 with support for latest features of Solr.
  • mysolr mysolr was born to be a fast and easy-to-use client for Apache Solr’s API and because existing Python clients didn’t fulfill these conditions.
  • rsolr A ruby client for Solr.
  • Sunspot Solr-powered search for Ruby objects.
  • Solarium Solarium is a Solr client library for PHP.
  • Solr PHP extension The Solr extension allows you to communicate effectively with the Apache Solr Server in PHP.
  • Go-Solr A solr library written in Go.
  • go-solr Solr client in Go, core admin, add docs, update, delete, search and more.
  • Gora A simple Solr client for Go.
  • CPAN Apache::Solr Perl Apache Solr.
  • Solrclj A Clojure client for Apache Solr.
  • flux A Clojure based Solr client.
  • solr-node-client A solr client for node.js. A solr client for indexing, adding, deleting,committing and searching documents within an Apache Solr installation




TODO : Need to get more books, and then order by reading level.



  • Search Hub Search across millions of pages related to Search.
  • Solr Start accelerating your proficiency with Solr search engine.


Docker Images

  • solr Official. Supports 5.x and 6.x.
  • 2degrees/solr4 Supports 4.x.
  • search-stack Appleseed Search Stack Docker composition. Uses Solr, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Mono, DotNet, ASPNet, NGINX, MySQL, PostgreSQL.


  • TODO


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Creative Commons License

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