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Skript-Packet aims to be easiest as possible (even if packets are hard understand ...). So I have removed a lot of previous features. Don't worry, all of this features has been merge in ExprNMS or Auto-Converter. In conclusion you have less syntaxes and they are easy to use !
If you want to use this deprecated syntaxes you HAVE TO fork this project and enable them. I will not give support on them.

Please read the wiki

BUG : Does not works with Skript2.5.3 and bellow

What is new :

  • Support for Skript 2.6
  • DataWatcher for metadata !
  • default/sync/async mode for packet Listening !!! Becarful with async mode, you can't use non-thread-safe operation (e.g World Editing)
  • Do section (It's experimental and can be deleted in future ... no doc for this, look the code if you are intersted)

Change :

  • EVERYTHING !!! (A lot of Expressions has been removed)
  • ExprNMS has been rework
  • Auto-Converter has been rework (and is boosted with steroïds) WIKI
  • SkriptPacketEventListener has a Manager ! Only support reload for now
  • Update checker on plugin load
  • ExprEnum show more informations on script load

Fix :

  • Enum not working with protocolLib for 1.17
  • Fields classes does not show null object

This update add a lot of break change. Please read the doc and wiki before asking help for "It does not works with 2.0"

Note: Thanks you for using my addon bstats ❤️

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Works with 1.17 if you use the right version of ProtocolLib.


  • Fix NPE with "Packet Fields"
  • Fix NPE with "Packet Fields Classes"


  • [packet] field %number% of %packet% -> [object] [packet] field %number% [of %-packet%]
  • [all] fields of [packet] %packet% -> [all] [packet] fields [of %-packet%]
  • [all] fields class[es] of [packet] %packet% -> [all] [packet] fields class[es] [of %-packet%]


  • Get from a string
  • Get the NMS (net.minecraft.server) TextComponent from a string
  • Add expressions to get Chunk / Location / World / Entity / Player / ItemStack / Material from an NMS Object
  • Convert an NMS (net.minecraft.server) ChatComponentText to a Json string
  • Get NMS NBTTagCompound from a Json String
  • Get an Enum from a class
  • Get a java.util.UUID from a String UUID or create new one
  • Get a readable text from a Json string (json Chat Format)
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Use ProtocolLib 4.6.0+


  • Better performance for huge packet like PacketPlayOutMapChunk


  • Convert a number to int/float/long/double/short/byte [array] is now split in 2 expressions
  • Packet can be send/received without calling skript event ! (nice to avoid infinite loop)
  • Packet event support priority lowest/low/normal/high/highest/monitor
  • More NMS getter
  • Minor syntax change to match with ThatPacketAddon and help you to migration 👍


  • Receive Packet
  • Packet update entity (easy way to reveal an hidden entity)
  • Get an entity from his ID
  • Get the NMS biome ID (not guaranted to be up to date)
  • Get the deep clone of a packet
  • Get the shallow clone of a packet
  • Get, Set, Delete or Reset a packet Meta, you can store anything in extra datas of ProtocolLib's packetcontainer !
  • Get the packettype of a packet
  • Adding metrics

Tested with Paper-1.16.5, Skript-2.5.3, ProtocolLib-4.6.0, Java11, skript-reflect-2.1.0

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Don't forgot to use a ProtocolLib dev build and not 4.5.1.


  • Packet event
  • Get all available packettypes
  • Create a new packettype
  • Get and set a packet field (Auto conversion of number to int/float/long/double/short/byte)
  • Get all fields of a packet
  • Send a packet to players
  • Get all fields's classes of a packet
  • Create an ArrayList from objects
  • Get the id of an entity
  • Get the NMS of an entity/itemstack/world
  • Create a NMS BlockPosition from a location or a vector
  • Get the NMS Pair of an object with an other
  • Convert a number to int/float/long/double/short/byte, can also convert to an Array

Known issue

  • The packet event manager is not clear when you unregister a packet event
  • If you use "on packet event play_client_use_entity:", player can't fully damage entities anymore

Tested with Paper-1.16.4, Skript-2.5.3, ProtocolLib-build-480, Java11, skript-reflect-2.1.0