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Train the trainers

Our antifa tech collective is committed to ensuring the highest levels of cybersecurity competence for individuals and initiatives with whom we ally. We accomplish this using the following approach:

  1. Identify relevant skills amongst our comrades (the ones who "train").
  2. Develop a repeatable process for transferring those skills to a subset of self-selecting, motivated individuals (the "trainers").
  3. Support the newly-skilled individuals in further distributing their knowledge/utilizing their skills in the service of their personal communities.

Files in this directory are materials for the second and third items, above. These include cybersecurity exercises, demos, and supplemental information (beyond that which can be easily/appropriately added to relevant wiki pages like InfoSec) generalized to the point that they become a "repeatable process." Also included are generic or templatized material for promoting events or distributing the exercise material.


The resources that make up this project can be categorized into one of several different overarching subjects. While there is a great deal of necessary overlap, this coarse categorization scheme is useful when browsing the material. Each subject has a subproject contained here.

This directory contains the following subprojects:

Getting started

🔰 Read this section first, especially if you are a novice.

All educational resources in all of the subprojects above expect a certain level of dexterity with fundamental computer tools such as a command-line interface (CLI) or terminal. Moreover, the executable labs are provided in virtual machine environments (isolated, sandboxed computers), so learners must also be familiar with or take the time to learn the basics of administering virtual machines and virtual networks. If these topics are new to you, we strongly advise you to pause here and take the necessary time to learn these basics before you return.

To get started, we recommend taking the following route to prepare for and then navigate through our educational materials:

  1. Tech Learning Collective's "Foundations: Command Line Basics" course is our recommended introduction to CLI/terminal use. Do not skip this if a command line environment is new to you.
  2. Introduction to Virtual Machine Management with Vagrant introduces you to using Vagrant to create, control, and destroy the rest of the lab environments. Do not skip this if virtual machines or the Vagrant automation utility are new to you.
  3. Securing a Shell Account on a Shared Server fleshes out many critical but vastly underappreciated elements of secure computer use, building up foundations using historical context.

Once you have completed these basics, feel free to browse the rest of the educational material presented here at your discretion.

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