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Accomplices and allies

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WikiAccomplices and allies

The Anarcho-Tech NYC collective is but one of a number of affinity groups organizing against fascism. This page lists other groups with whom we have some collaboration. None of these links are endorsements; ask a comrade about the specific work being done if you're interested in learning more about our work.

📝 Editor's note: Please keep this list alphabetized for ease of reference, and try to focus on groups who have shown an interest in actual collaboration, not just a link-dump of groups we know exist. (Thank you!)

  • ActSecure - Loose collection of technologists working to help activists secure themselves before, during, and after actions.
  • A World Without Police - Online journal and organizer's resource inviting you "to think and act with other visionaries, and find ways to achieve a police-free world."
  • Between the lines - Small collective with a focus on creating tools/notes on privacy and protest.
  • Critical Tech - Swedish group advocating for a responsible and ethical data-driven society.
  • Crypto Harlem - Group hosting regular (anti-)surveillance clinics, tech workshops, and digital self-defense trainings lead by people of color.
  • CryptoParty NYC - Decentralized movement with the goal of passing on knowledge about protecting yourself in digital spaces.
  • Edgeryders - Umbrella organization offering specific initiatives infrastructure support (like funding, etc.) that doubles as a social network for local activists to connect with one another.
  • Hex90 - A queer hacker salon in NYC.
  • MACC's CyPurr Collective/CryptoSquad NYC - Group devoted to sharing information with cybersecurity-minded folks at workshops and socials.
  • NYC DSA Tech Action WG - Democratic Socialists of America, NYC chapter working group developing a socialist perspective on technology and society.
  • NYC Mesh - New York residents who decided to set up our own network to bypass the cable cartel and connect directly to the Internet backbone.
  • PopGym - Project working towards opening a physical space offering free self-defense classes.
  • Restore the 4th - Non-profit advocating for ending unconstitutional mass government surveillance, with chapters in numerous cities.
  • Rethink LinkNYC - Anti-surveillance advocacy group in New York City.
  • Shift-CTRL Space - Amalgamation of Autonomist and Anarchist activists organizing technology-centered projects to cultivate autonomy and connect grassroots organizers with free technology resources.
  • Signalboost - Development team of a free service that lets activists use the Signal Private Messenger app to send text blasts and receive hotline tips without revealing their identity or spending money. (List of Signalboost channels.)
  • subMedia - Grassroots, independent media collective making educational and documentary video in support of the people's struggles against oppression.
  • T4Tech - Group for transgender and allied people to learn about web development and related fields.
  • Tech Learning Collective - Educational initiative run by radical queer and femme technologists offering unparalleled, low-cost computer classes primarily to marginalized groups and individuals who are politically engaged.
  • The Tech Autonomists - Tech Autonomy is the reanimation of technomagical empowerment as a part of reclaiming freedom from capitalist control and coercion.
  • Twin Cities General Defense Committee - Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) chapter focused on prisoner support and community self defense in the Twin Cities region.