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Release v1.0.7

Please always update the live Anarchy installer before using it, either by pressing 2 in the main menu or by executing anarchy -u, even if you have downloaded the latest release (there are always newer patches).

  • Add additional optional arguments to (--no-color, --no-input)
  • Allow choosing custom log and output directories
  • Finally actually compare checksums for upstream Arch ISOs (even with preexisting Arch ISOs)
  • Lint a few scripts (more lintings are planned in the future)
  • Properly generate Anarchy ISO checksum (now only filename, instead of the absolute path to file)
  • French translation updates
  • Removal of old, unused Anarchy repo code
  • Allow choosing additional DEs/WMs from the optional software menu
  • Start using yay-bin instead of yay
  • Remove go dependency of yay
  • Prepare for removal of i686 code
  • Update installation packages (e.g. add linux package to base install - see Arch News)

Removal of i686 code/releases

We have decided to completely remove i686 code, since currently the compilation process did not work properly and nobody was willing to maintain it.

If someone willing to maintain i686 support steps up, we will gladly re-add it. Please either message us on Telegram or using the contact form on our website.

Release v1.0.6

  • Update French, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish translations
  • Move keyboard selection menu to after selecting a language
  • Remove rethinkdb, alienarena, flightgear and urbanterror (moved to the AUR)
  • Rename dlang-dmd, java-openjfx
  • Add yay to custom DE installations
  • Remove some Anarchy branding info (lsb-release and os-release)
  • Output generated Anarchy ISO to out/ directory
  • Log iso-generator actions to log/ directory
  • Update error reporting of iso-generator
  • Add Qtile Window Manager as an optional DE/WM
  • Codebase cleanup
  • Fix translations not working

Release v1.0.5

  • Remove GUI installer (doesn't affect DEs and WMs)
  • Refactor the iso-generator script
  • Start using checksums with new releases
  • Completely remove arch-wiki
  • Make iso generation more verbose (easier to debug)
  • Remove GREP_OPTIONS from .zshrc
  • Update French translation
  • Remove OpenJDK7 in favour of OpenJDK8
  • Add youtue-dl to package list
  • Add openssh package to custom server installations
  • Fix insertion of modules into mkinitcpio.conf
  • Fix LUKS-encrypted XFS installations not booting

Release v1.0.4

  • Remove QT4 from package list
  • Remove MongoDB from optional software list
  • Add timeout to syslinux config
  • Remove arch-wiki-cli from package list
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