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@erazemkokot erazemkokot released this Sep 29, 2019 · 27 commits to master since this release


  • Update French, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish translations
  • Move keyboard selection menu to after selecting a language
  • Remove rethinkdb, alienarena, flightgear and urbanterror (moved to the AUR)
  • Rename dlang-dmd, java-openjfx
  • Add yay to custom DE installations
  • Remove some Anarchy branding info (lsb-release and os-release)
  • Output generated Anarchy ISO to out/ directory
  • Log iso-generator actions to log/ directory
  • Update error reporting of iso-generator
  • Add Qtile Window Manager as an optional DE/WM
  • Codebase cleanup
  • Fix translations not working
  • Added openbox-themes in local repo for Anarchy Openbox
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