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The homebrew atbin packager
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package-homebrew is an atbin packager that builds homebrew packages.


See documentation

AT internal release process

To get AT tools in our official repos, do the following:

  1. Run CI
  2. Download an xz and .rb built from CI
  3. Upload xz package to a GitHub release
  4. Check the built .rb into our homebrew tap.

Maintainer notes

package-homebrew is self-hosting; it does not require AT to build. This is primarily because we want to use it to package atbuild itself, so it cannot depend on atbuild to work.

For these reasons, it's written in shell, largely glues together standard OSX tools, and there is no compile step. It's a manually-mananged atbin format.

As a result, package-homebrew is used to package itself, which is basically the test of its correctness.

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