Free and open source IoT platform with HTML5 UI and Node.js API.
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RabbitMax API

Free and open source software and hardware IoT platform with HTML5 UI, Node.js HTTP API and MQTT.


HTTP API and a simple web interface for DIY (Do It Yourself) IoT (Internet of Things) which use MQTT to communicate between each other. Short video demonstraion and introduction:

Getting Started

  • Install the web application:

Follow the steps below to install RabbitMax on Ubuntu or Debian:

$ git clone
$ cd rabbitmax-api
$ git clone ui
$ npm install
$ sudo apt-get install mysql-server
$ mysql -u root -p < sql/db.sql
$ mysql -u root -p < sql/data.sql
$ cp api/config-example.json api/config.json
  • Start the server:
$ systemctl start mysql
$ nodejs api/index.js